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17 Mar 2016

a variety to choose from, with quality items you cant see in other grocery stores. further than i would usually go on a weekly shop.

30 Jan 2013

Unique lines for sale and very good value and quality- I go there for things I can't get elsewhere - and then do all my shopping there! Sometimes the lines I specifically want are sold out, and I have to go back a day or so later but it is worth it. .

Approximate cost: $100.00

03 Sep 2012

Heaps better than Woolies and Coles, MAXI is always the same price or cheaper.

The staff are always friendly and willing to help.

Much more variety, all the normal products and brands plus a lot of 'fine foods' and organic products. Also a lot of focus on Australian made and owned products.

Fruit and Veg is very good quality, Meat is good quality and cheaper especially if you buy in bulk. They also do their own fresh squeezed orange juice in 2 litre bottles which is one of our favourite things to buy.

They also still give 4c per litre discount at the nearby service station.

We shop at MAXI all the time and we are very happy to have an alternative to Coles and Woolies. We hope they open more stores around Melbourne.

Approximate cost: $50

07 Oct 2010

Its close to other shops making it a good location the fresh produce is always nice and there is also market day which is always great value for money a nice selection of everyday groceries and other products

04 Aug 2010

nice and friendly staff , good prices , has every day need , has produce section , good location

24 Jun 2010

I find that when buying fresh meat it often goes off in fridge before useby date, at least 2days often. I have also over heard a other customers telling a manager the same thing and her reply to the customer was we cant refund you anymoney on off fresh meat as we dont know it hasnt happened from the way you store it to get it home!! I thought this sad they obviously get complaints but dont look into them properly. I also find the staff quite rude talking to each other while serving you at timres or wont speak at all. however they do have the odd good bargain on their shelf.

Approximate cost: $50

18 May 2010

Good value for money. They don't waste their time on fancy advertising or anything like that. Their staff have been very helpful towards me (my poartner works their) and other shoppers I have seen in the store. Go shop and see if you save

jacintab 24 Jun 2010 · 85% Trust

Bias as if your going to say something negative if your parner works their you gotta eat!

30 Dec 2009

The groceries here seem more expensive than other major supermarket.
The specials offered here are sometimes good though.
It is very difficult to get the staff to help you especially with finding things around the store.

19 Apr 2008

One of the reasons I choose to shop here is because I am boycotting Coles and Safeway due to the disgraceful supermarket monopoly they share.
Another reason is the variety: there are the usual familiar brands, but also lots of boutique brands with great products -- a bit of "David Jones food hall" about it. Not really any more expensive than other supermarkets, in my experience.
The fruit and veg are great quality, and the meat is worth shopping here in itself!! Really good.
There are also great specials from time to time (Huggies bulk nappies boxes for $25 recently.)
And I love how the aisles have a through-way halfway along! Great if you forget something.

12 Dec 2007

This rating applies to the deli & fresh food area of the supermarket.

Now here is a supermarket deli that knows what a customer wants. When "Just Deli" at Blackburn Nth is closed, the Maxi deli is a very good alternative. They only cut small quantities of their meats at a time and often cover them with gladwrap to stop them drying out if they are a thin cut. Why other supermarkets don't use the "Maxi Method" to keep things from drying out I'll never know. A simple way of stopping food looking and tasting like it has been there for two weeks!

The staff are also efficient and as you would expect from a supermarket deli, there to get the job done with a smile but no chit chat.

The added bonus is the Philippa's bread range, coffee bean range and the eclectic mix of pre-baked pies, arancini (rice balls) and a fair range of pasta and pasta sauces nearby. Their fruit & vegie section is also reasonable for a supermarket and they stock a fair range but in small quantities. However it always seems like there is enough there to choose from (are they also restocking their vegies frequently?). Maxi is also one of the few supermarkets around that are still serving loose leaf lettuce, rocket and spinach instead of the pre packaged slush that coles and safeway are serving up.

Well done Maxi, for maintaining some integrity in the supermarket world!

Approximate cost: $variable

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