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02 Jul 2015

In 2013 I had a breast augmentation, breast lift, arm lift, vaser liposuction, body Tite & teeth whitening. I initially chose to have surgery in Thailand due to the price after loosing 45kg, I needed a lot of surgery to regain my confidence and natural beauty back. Medi Makeovers was there for me every step of the way over the year and a half it took me to book and have my surgery completed, everything was well looked after from the moment I stepped off the plane for both trips, I did not have to think about a thing as it was all done, MM have a great team of surgeons and nurses in Thailand who are there for you at any moment, they thoroughly explain everything to you and constantly check up in you during the process. I am 2 years post op and could not be happier with my results, treatment and experience with the whole Medi Makeovers Team, I have already recommended several people to Medi Makeovers who also have had surgery and they have received the same care as I did. I would recommend Medi Makeovers to anyone with out hesitation as I know they will be well looked after, it was an inspiration to see how they assisted so many others in making their dreams a reality. I have travelled with them twice now, once on their escorted group which was fabulous, met some amazing people and we all had a great time, the second time I travelled with a friend who also had surgery and again it was so easy and had another great time. I am also arranging to go back a third time with Medi Makeovers to have a Thigh lift to finish off my makeover with them. Medi Makeovers has truly made this journey so easy for me and has made me feel and look like like i have lost the weight that I did. For anyone of you who have lost large amounts of weigh will know what I am talking about, as you are left with so much sagging skin after weight loss and this was dream come true to finally have it all gone.

30 Aug 2010

I went to Thailand with a friend who found Medi Makeovers after searching through all her options here in Australia. One of the main things my friend and I found great was that all the surgeries were done in a 24 hour hospital - not in a clinic. My friend was told from surgeons in clinics in Australia that she was be sent straight home following her surgery - I found this quite alarming. To be sent home on your own with no medical attention straight after you have had surgery didn't seem like it could be true, especially in country like ours.

Even though the surgery would be done in a hospital, my friend and I still needed more convincing that it would be a safe choice to have the surgery done in Thailand. To our surprise, all of our questions were answered by Daniela, who emailed us loads of information as well as what felt like countless hours of phone conversations - and she even took us out for coffee where we live to go over the fine details. She explained the risks of what can happen and we both felt confident that this was the right choice.

When we arrived in Thailand, Medi Makeovers had organised for someone to pick us up from the airport - which was great! We went straight to the hospital where my friend had a consultation with the doctor and he was just amazing. Explaining everything to us in a way we could both understand, and definitely calming our nerves.

My friend stayed in the hospital for two nights and when I came to take her to the hotel the nurses showed both her and I how to re-dress her bandages and anything else we needed to know.

We went back to see the doctor a few more times before we left Thailand and we were definitely more than happy to see the results in just that short amount of time.

What made the experience even better was knowing that we could call at any hour of the night if we had any worries whatsoever, and the attitudes of the staff are to be commended.

We had a great trip and I am now considering going back to have something done myself!

If you're thinking about having any kind of surgery or cosmetic enhancement - consider Medi Makeovers - the service is amazing!

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