20 reviews about Mercy Hospital For Women

16 Nov 2016

Very good operating staff and Drs, caring.

Ward staff disinterested, cold, and uncaring, was not offered any assistance after my operation, staff seemed disinterested, empathy and actually caring would be good, very disappointed.

12 Apr 2016

I delivered my first baby here thro C section I can't fault much except the wait times at my monthly consultations

20 Jul 2013

I was a patient of the Mercy for the birth of my baby and can only speak highly of the medical staff who took care of us!

I had a private Obstetrician who recommended I booked in at the Mercy because its a large hospital and can deal with medical emergencies if something like that was to occur. Also my Obstetrician treats patients there and delivers babies at this hospital.

The nurses who took care of me were absolutely lovely, friendly and reassuring. They were friendly, ready to assist me with teaching me how to take care of a newborn which is something every new mum needs!!

After birth there were complications involving myself, immediately the nurse pressed the emergency buzzer and a team of medical staff were in my room to deal with the situation.

I cannot speak highly of the staff who held my hand throughout the ordeal, telling me everything was going to be okay. Most importantly, I was taken care of immediately and treated. I was humbled at being treated with such kindness during a difficult time.

I had a private room (thanks to private health insurance) which was clean and comfortable.

Highly recommend this hospital!!!!

sandrad171 20 Jul 2013 · 100% Trust

What a good review. It's very reassuring.

sandrad171 20 Jul 2013 · 100% Trust

What a good review. It's very reassuring.

16 Jun 2012

I had to go to emergency here once before and founf they were very fast and effectient and helped us out a lot

23 Aug 2011

I was admitted at 34 weeks with pre eclampsia, and induced at 36 weeks my little girl had stopped growing i cannot fault the staff over the 2 and a half weeks I was a patient and the 3 weeks my daughter spent in nicu and special care. They are amazing staff each and everyone person I dealt with. Will def be going back their for number 2

Approximate cost: $0

12 Jul 2011

I was recently treated at Mercy for an early pregnancy loss. I was seen twice in emergency and once in imaging for an ultrasound. I would describe every staff member I encountered as amazing! The three Doctors i saw who were all three professional, informative, genuine, honest and caring. The ultrasound technician was wonderfully warm and kind and sensitive while remaining informative. Even while facing a long and uncomfortable wait in the waiting area I was offered warm blankets, drinks and even my choice of television channel. These things seem of little importance but the feeling of actually being cared for was invaluable.

I could not recommend this hospital more highly and am looking forward to my next pregnancy, confident that I will be cared for by the best possible team in the friendliest environment with the most modern facilities available.

Approximate cost: $Nil

07 Sep 2010

Treated well and its a clean modern place the service is good midwives are nice and they look after you theres also nice cafes and resturants to relax at

08 Jun 2010

I spent two weeks there in 2009. whilst i know public hospitals are stretched at times i found it insensitive to place women with newborns in with women who are at risk of losing their baby. Also this hospital has by far the worst hospital food ever and that's saying something!

19 Feb 2010

I cannot speak more highly of the labour experience at the Mercy hospital and will still tell anyone who listens how fantastic the staff are.
During labour i saw all different doctors at visits and didnt mind waiting as its a hospital and u need to be realistic that there will be a wait to see someone.
On the actual day my experience was fantastic, my labour was so long ihad that many different midwives as their shifts were overlappiing each others, after delivering my son they asked if i was breast or bottle feeding,being young and a first time mum i apprehensively said bottle feeding. no one judged me like iwas worried about and they were very respectful of all my decisions. up on the wards all the nurses, even the old ones, were amazing and patient and caring. the after care was terrific and i cant express anymore how much i recommend this hospital. the facilites, experience and level of service was fantastic. i actually enjoyed my labour and probably wouldnt be able to say that if i went somewhere else!

Approximate cost: $0

01 Feb 2010

I was treated by inexperienced doctors and midwives that keep having to ask experience staff and making us wait a long time for a decision. I have been overdue and had booked in for inducement. The day came and was told to go home because the babies head was not engaged and told to come in the next day and check if the babies head was engaged. I came back the next day after much money spent going up and down and paying for parking and sure enough the babies head was engaged however I was knocked back again even though it was booked. I got upset and told staff that they are incompetant and cannot make up there minds. After much dispute the midwife told me there was not enough beds or staff even though it was booked. My husband and I have been so disgusted that he rang and spoke to a staff member and told them exaclty what he thought and that he was going to pull me out of that hospital so we can have our baby elsewhere due to their incompetance and lies. As soon as we got home the registrar from the hospital called and claimed that it was a mistake on their behalf and they should honor the booking made. So we started putting my bags in the car again as we were about to leave for the hospital we got another call from the registrar saying that its not in our best interest to induce the baby and to come again on monday and wait another 3-4 hours to see a doctor again for a check up. I thought this woman must be schytso and cannot make up her mind.. WE HAVE HAD ENOUGH DO NOT GO TO THIS HOSPITAL THEY CANNOT MAKE UP THEIR MINDS POORLY RUN HOSPITAL.

JamesS2 01 Feb 2010 · 60% Trust

I had a similar experience at that hospital I was in active labour 5 minutes apart and this inexperienced didnt know what they were doing doctor sent me home. Out of frustration and anger I asked my husband to drive me to the Royal Womans and they took me in with open arms my suggestion is you do the same.

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