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14 May 2013

A totally incompetent and lying business.
Got a quote for shower screens for en-suite and 2nd bathroom and proceeded with job.
First lie: had to come out and re-check measurements when they actually couldn't find the original. Then they cut one side panel too short.
Second lie: After nearly 3 weeks of not hearing I rang and got all sorts of excuses blaming the installation guy & the manufacturer when they hadn't even done anything about it in the first place. Took absolutely no blame for themselves - always someone else fault
Third lie: They said we would only get 5 year warranty of 10 years for enduro shield coating if they had it done but full warranty if we got enduro to do it on site. Ok, get them to come out and do it. They were to arrange it as part of the deal.
Fourth lie: After many weeks of hearing nothing I emailed and got a reply that enduro closed their franchise and that head office would contact us. Heard nothing
In the end I phoned enduro shield and they said they had heard nothing but came the next day to quote . We accepted the quote then did the job then and there on the spot. Enduro is still in business and have not closed the franchise as Mobile Glass stated in an email. (Enduro are very interested in this).
Still waiting for Mobile Glass to come and re-attach magnetic closer that fell off one shower door after two days and to fix a tile broken when the installer dropped his drill (accidents do happen). Waiting for the next lie why they haven't come out.
If you want to be mucked around, lied to and deal with incompetent people then you are welcome to the headaches and heartache they will give you
And for all this they have missed out on quoting for the replacement of our pizza shop windows valued around $12K.
As a business owner I like to give everyone the benefit of doubt but when it comes to continual lies and incompetence then the line gets drawn in the sand.
Beware if you deal with Mobile Glass & Glazing

Approximate cost: $1,800

joey22 14 May 2013 · 100% Trust

That is just terrible, thankyou for letting us know so I know never to use them

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