63 reviews about Morgans Seafood

19 Feb 2017

Terriable dry oily fish. Chips, calamari, scolops all lack any flavor. These guys really need to improve there cooking methods, quality and freshness. We eat here about once a year and every time it is a let down. I would rather eat fish and chips from red rooster any day of the week. Extremely disappointing considering the skill required to prepare and cook this food.

Approximate cost: $45

05 Dec 2015

Love coming to Morgan's. We always get the three course meal it's great value for money and the seafood is always fresh

15 Sep 2015

Every fresh kind of seafood you can imagine, right in front of you. Choose the pieces you want and how you want them. These guys are experts at cooking fish, no real trace of oil and what there was was clean. Eat in the outdoor area with the trawlers lapping in the water right next to you. For the ultimate in choice and a treat that will deliver, you can't go wrong here.

Approximate cost: $15

14 Aug 2015

The food here is very good for the price you pay. I thought the service was quite good as well

20 Jul 2015

Great seafood shop! So cheap yet food is delicious! I would recommend to anyone to travel here

15 Dec 2014

Recently visited Morgans Seafood, and I can say I am happy with my first experience! nice variety of seafood meals, once I had ordered it did take a while for my meal to arrive, friendly staff and nice place! will be back soon to try some more meals

12 Dec 2014

Our last visit to this Restaurant was very disappointing. There seemed to be a different staff and a totally different menu. We (2 adults) were the first to arrive at our table but had to wait 40 minutes for our meals. I ordered my usual 1 dozen oysters natural for starters although I baulked at the price of $38.50 especially as they were very small and the freshness was dubious. On our previous visit six months earlier, they were $32.50 and very fresh. The fish we had was not very well cooked: quiet dry and unappealing. While this had been one of our favourite seafood restaurants for many years, after this last visit we would think twice about going back.

04 Nov 2014

Delicious sea food sourced fresh from the bay, great takeaway beauitiful location, pillar of the bay, great pllace for a romantic night out. reasonably priced meals

#3 in Redbank QLD
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03 Nov 2014

Food is always great hear our family gathering go to they are happy to cater for groups large and small, reasonably priced quality produced fresh sourced local.

25 Oct 2014

I love this place, I wish it wasn't so pricey i would go so much more often, the food is first class and there service is professional and friendly. Lovely environment for dinner

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