16 reviews about Myer

19 May 2012

great selection of clothes, carries a lot of brands that the other myers don't. great sales as well

Approximate cost: $50 +

22 Jan 2012

Possibly the best Myer to go to. It seems to have everything. Most importantly though, it has Dangerfield! Only Perth and Karrinyup carry Dangerfield's brands of clothing. A bit confusing though, that the women's clothes are spread over 3 floors....

07 Sep 2011

Friendly staff, easy to find what you're after because of the neat lay-out of the store and a generally good shopping experience.

28 Jul 2011

Very expensive, but a great atmosphere. We spent a while trying to find someone to help us with the makeup behind the counters, as many of the booths were abandoned and the floor staff seemed unsure. Apart from this, it was a fair experience

Approximate cost: $ -

25 May 2011

Myers in Perth is a great store, although, trying to find a person on a service desk when wanting to actually pay for an item is near impossible, the worst experience was buying a birthday card (when they were situated on the top floor), I couldn't find anyone on any stations and travelled down 3 levels before I could pay for it, and then that actual station was not open, the staff member opened it especially for me because I was so angry and about to cause a scene.

05 Feb 2011

quality is great pity about the poor service and value overall very average experience *thumbs down*

10 Aug 2010

Great products especially the clothing line for both men and women. The price is judged on the brand and name of the shop as apposed to quality.

08 Jun 2010

Myer isn't the place it used to be.Unfortunately a lot of their goods are out of my price range. It's common now to price something at Myer and then walk down the street and find it cheaper...

02 Apr 2010

The number of times I've been about to buy something and ended up walking out are phenomenal. Half the time you wait for hours at one counter and eventually have to go searching for another which inevitably has a 5 person line and only one girl serving. Get some more staff!!! If they didn't have such nice clothes I'd never come back.

11 Jan 2010

Being retired but very young at heart great service and advice. The lady in taking shape was extremely helpful and polite. I regularly shop there because of the value offered and service

Approximate cost: $300

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