6 reviews about Myer

25 May 2012

Huge variety of items to choose from. Although, sometimes it is very hard to find staff for assistance. Very good to go there during sales as they make huge discounts.

Approximate cost: $159

11 Mar 2012

As always myer is my store, i love it and i always am satisfied with this place, its like a mini cosco just great

Approximate cost: $22

07 Aug 2011

Staff go out of their way to find a product at another store if it is unavailable in preferred store.

Approximate cost: $210

23 Mar 2011

The staff at Wollongong Myers is very friendly and helpful. All staff members appear to have a vast knowledge of there products

16 Jan 2011

For Christmas I decided to go and browse around only to find MYERS were selling the same stock as other stores with almost 100% mark up on price...... People Please browse around for prices as some stores really known how to take advantage of the customer.

11 Jan 2011

I went shopping at Myer Wollongong. Even though some of the departments needed a facelift, the staff were really pleasant and helpful. They had a good concept of goods and their locations.

Approximate cost: $175.00

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