4 reviews about Noi Hair Studio

29 May 2011

i just recently went to Noi for the 1st time, and i will be going back! The staff were all friendly and so professional, it was so nice to walk out of a salon for once and be happy with my hair!
i would recommend the salon to anyone

Approximate cost: $170

27 May 2011

I've been to Noi a few times now and have been very happy everytime I go. The girls have a been very friendly and are very helpful. I have had a different colour each time I have gone in and found there expertise really good.
It is very well priced for the service u get I recommend it to all my friends, and the friends that have gone there have been really happy to :)

Approximate cost: $180

29 May 2010

I had been going to noi since it opened, i thought it was a great hair salon. It was a great service, friendly staff and at affordable price. But have since stopped going there since last year as my last few times i wasnt 100% happy with them and had lost my confidence in them colouring my hair also there price had gone up dramatically. I had phoned in 2 book my appointment and got some prices over the phone as i was trying to budget my money, once i got in there i told them what i wanted and she said that was fine and she was the one that spoke to me on the phone. once getting my hair done the girl that had been doing my hair had left and when i went to pay for it i was charged nearly $50 more than quoted, i questioned them about it, so they added it up again and said no that was right.
i thought maybe i had got mis-quoted over the phone.
The last time i went in i did the same thing phoned up got a quote then booked it in. once i sat down and told them what i wanted i asked then about the price, she said she would check and again came back with a massive price difference, i said i was qouted other wise and she said hang on i will go check again, this time she came back and said no you are right that is the price, so was happy to foloow on with getting my hair done.i sarted getting my foils put in and felt like i was taking up there time, she had 2 other people that she was working on and keept asking other girls to help her do my hair because she had someone else that was waiting on her 2. my foils were done and asked if i wanted a coffe and said that the colour needs to sit for 40 mins then she would be back. my bell went off and i thought ok she will be over soon, she was on another ladies hair, i thought she must of heard the bell and would get someone else to finish her hair and do mine....... i waited 55 mins while she chatted to another hairdresser doing someone elses hair then finally i said excuse me my coulou needs to get taken off! she said sorry i didnt even hear the buzzer, i was just hoping i had hair left and that it wasnt going to break off. i had 3 people wash n put a treatment in my hair because it was so busy. my clour way way too light it not the colour i was after i left and thought i hope its not as bad as i think i got home and my husband said what did u doyour hair is white same thing when i seen my friend the next day. i wasnt happy at all and thought thats twice i have left not happy and im not going back again!

Approximate cost: $190

Noi Hair Studio 31 May 2010

Hi there, I am very sorry to hear of your bad experience at Noi. Is it possible for you to email me with your details so I can look up your client history and then discuss this situiation with the salon owner and take appropriate action.
many thanks

31 Dec 2009

The hairdressers at Noi hair studio are all very friendly - they make sure your visit with them is comfortable. They will always serve you a cup of tea which is a nice touch. The quality of the hair cuts and other treatments is usually second to none I've experienced anywhere else.

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