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11 Mar 2017

Pinchme provides its members the opportunity to claim samples of new or existing products in exchange for a review. I haven't been able to claim many samples are they disappear from the site very quickly but it is fun when you can get one. They have a range of samples on offer from food topet food to makeup. If you follow them on facebook they post alerts to when the next samples come out. Some samples are targeted so unless you get an email you can't claim it. Overall a cool concept but not enough samples to meet demand.

01 Dec 2014

Pinch me is great, I've had maybe 8 samples in the last 2 or so months. It's great as it's free, it's a bit of fun but you have to be quick when the samples are released to get one drove ding what it is. The Pantene and oral b beauty box has to be one of the best samples I've received, dome of them are fairly small but the are free :)

31 May 2014

I have recently started back with this site. I am entitled to a free sample a day. But they never have that many samples available. I maybe get one or two for the month. Some samples, such as nappies that I don't need, run for the entire month, so I miss out on getting anything for the month. Great when I manage to receive a sample and they are very quick to deliver. You also have to leave feedback on the product you tried. I did receive 2 cereal packets not long ago, and when I opened the box, the packet was not sealed and went everywhere. It is free, so its worthwhile and a bit of fun.

25 Apr 2014

What a great initiative. Free samples to people who sign up. The regularity of these samples depends on your membership. Quick and easy to sign up. Samples come safely in the post in just a few days. So far I have received food and toiletry samples. Very happy with pinchme!

08 Nov 2013

Pinch me is a great and innovative way to release samples and gather info for products. It is a great way for promotion. I just think that they didn't expect the influx of people to join this leading to disappointments on some who did not get samples. I do have to commend them for trying their best and making their site interesting and making changes that would have more benefits for their consumers. I myself was able to grab a few samples. It is free and I am thankful for it.

22 Sep 2013

When pinchme first was established it was great as you were able to receive a sample daily, however now it is hard to receive a sample once a week.

07 Sep 2013

I loved PinchMe at the start, who wouldn't when you could claim a sample every day because they had samples up everyday however with the website being so popular something had to give and eventually their supply of samples has dwindled, however once a week is still great, we are after all talking about a free sampling website wih no cost to the customer at all. I have been lucky enough to try so many products through PinchMe some I have loved nd some were just meh, but a good way to get new or old products in peoples faces. I do think however that their facebook page is full of people complaining which is a huge turn off to communicate with them through this venue. I think good job.

26 Aug 2013

This is a great free site. Every tuesday at about 12pm est they release samples to claim. You have to be really quick as it can be difficult to claim as there can be system glitches & they run out of samples available. I have had many free samples from here my favourite being a full size sample of an ambi pur air freshener for the car! It has lead e to want to buy full sized products & given free feedback to the company.

Approximate cost: $Free!

muliono 26 Aug 2013 · 90% Trust

THanks for letting us know this website. cheers

natalie_ax 27 Aug 2013 · 100% Trust


21 Aug 2013

This site is fantastic as it provides many opportunities to sample products on the market before you buy the full size product. I have received at least 15 samples and this has lead me to purchase the full product in store.

Approximate cost: $free

20 Aug 2013

What a fantastic site to try new products without having to pay for it...

Ihave been lucky to "Pinch" 32 samples since it started and was the top "Pincher" one month and received $1000 in woolworths vouchers...

Approximate cost: $0

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