11 reviews about Palace Hotel

24 Jul 2016

A top place for a top meal. Excelent menu and service, value for money. Will return next time in the area. I am from Sydney N.S.W.A retired Chef

Approximate cost: $25

06 Feb 2016

Very impressed with meals and service. will definately go back there. The steak was a good size and nicely cooked and the parma was excellent.

19 Oct 2015

I grew up there when the Stewarts owned the pub and the Hardemans owned the Holden Dealership and The Mill's family owned the only milk bar in town. Unless you counted Mr Grinters or Charlie Reagans shops as milk bars?? I was surprised to go back after 40 years and its still as great a Pub and town as it was when we were kids sneaking in to nick a beer or two. (yeah right). The beer is still ice cold and the meals are the best. Young Peter Hardeman , can still be found having a beer with his mates at the bar. Nothing changes' in Langie. Matho

Approximate cost: $20

28 Jul 2014

Had a Sunday lunch there on 27th July 2014 with the 55,56,57 Chev Car Club. Food was excellent, service great, well worth a stop for a meal. Only complaint the car park needs a bit of work

Approximate cost: $25

05 Nov 2013

When in lang lang visiting family we came here for dinner & it was a lovely country hotel with great service,we had a roast dinner & complamented the chef it was that good,we will go back again next time

21 Aug 2013

This pub would have to be an icon of lang lang since it changed hands the new owners have revamped. excellent food and not to pricey great bar as well nice place to go if you have visitors to the area or just want a great pub meal.

19 Aug 2013

we moved to Lang Lang just under two years ago and were very excited to know the pub was only a 500m walk away. It turns out that its one of the best meals we have ever had. We now go there atleast once a week. We love it and feel so lucky to have something so great within walking distance from home.

Approximate cost: $20

15 Aug 2013

I grew up in lang lang & only started frequenting this pub a few years ago. Since then every meal ive had there is amazingly priced, cooked great & the service is always pretty good. The usual louts get in the bar but there is also a bar in the bistro area so you dont have to venture into the main bar. The pastas are my favourite but the chicken schnitzels are well worth the money as well!

13 Aug 2013

Such a nice place for a pub meal - I love that they use real mushrooms in mushroom gravy and the chicken is always so juicy and delicious. The service can be a bit disappointing at times though - staff not overly keen to be at work.

10 Nov 2009

This pub is great for a meal...excellent pricing for huge meals which are very tasty!!! Typical country pub with no fancy furnishing's but a great atmosphere in a quiet location!

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