37 reviews about Peter Petrou Fitness

07 Mar 2016

Having trained with Peter over the last year and a half, I would thoroughly recommend his services - he's always been accommodating to my fitness needs and schedule, and also great to deal with.

28 Aug 2014

I train with my partner three times a week and actually look forward to my training sessions. Peter is so knowledgeable - he expertly designs your personal program and is always ready to share advice with you on diet and exercise based on his own experiences as a professional athlete. Great value and great fun.

Approximate cost: $200

04 Jul 2014

As a self-confessed weak and lazy lady I knew I had to do somethign when confronted by all the dazzling beach bodies in Australia! I have signed up and paid for the gym many times and just never been- so decided a personal trainer was the best way forward to actually get motivated!! I chose Pete because frankly his prices are unbeatable- it is fantastic value for a fantastic service. Pete helps me to stay focused and encourages me to test my own limits, I have "funny knees" and Pete is constantly mindful of this. His kids and wife are a fantastic bonus to the sessions, and a good distraction from the inevitable pain of kettlebells! I would recommend Pete to anyone who wanted a personal trainer (and anyone who didn't as well- if I can do it anyone can!)

Approximate cost: $100 for 2 sessions a week

17 Apr 2014

I have lost over 30KG since I started training with Peter just over a year ago. I feel fit, healthy, and genuinely look forward to training. Peter has always me feel comfortable with his easy conversation and I have never felt out of my comfort zone. Highly recommended!

03 Sep 2013

I was skeptical when I first came across one of Pete's advertisements but I met with him and started training and his business is actually everything it claims to be.
I started training with Pete and had never found training to be a more enjoyable experience and as far from training in a gym environment as anything I could imagine. It's quiet (except for the kids running around), it's private (well again except for the kids) and you don't feel so self conscious or that you are constantly being watched but what really cannot be understated is the fact that Pete gets results. Thanks to his training I have lost weight, toned up and have never looked or felt better.

Approximate cost: $60

24 Feb 2013

Pete has helped me so much that when he asked me to rate his business online I jumped at the chance. I was having constant problems with my back and didn't think I was ever going to lose the weight I gained since having my daughter. Pete helped me to lose the weight and I haven't had any problems with my back for years. Training with Pete is one of the best things I have ever done his training methods are great and he is more than affordable and fair. I recommend him to anyone looking for a trainer.

KAM 26 Feb 2013 · 100% Trust

Thanks for the review! I have been looking for a great trainer since mine left NSW. Will have to look him up!

19 Feb 2013

I am relatively new to weights training but I've become a fan thanks to Pete. He has the passion to drive personal training results but what I appreciate the most is his genuine experience and care about technique.

19 Jan 2013

I've been training with Pete for over two years and he's a fantastic trainer and now a friend also. He pushes you without yelling, he truly cares about you and your results and he goes over and above to help you achieve them. Pete is perfect if you don't like gyms!

Approximate cost: $50

20 Feb 2012

On training with Pete, I started seeing results straight away. My posture was better and my back that had been giving me problems ever since having my kids started to improve. I think he is a great trainer and is constantly changing or updating my workouts to help me to get the most out of them and not get bored.

Approximate cost: $50

13 Feb 2012

I found Pete purely by chance and have never looked back. I have two kids and found it incredibly hard to get my figure back until I started training with Pete. He's a great trainer and a great guy who has helped me to get into shape

Approximate cost: $60

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