5 reviews about Petrie Tavern Hotel

06 Jul 2012

We visited here last week for the first time in 2 years, and were very impressed with the place. Last time we went, it was a bit run down and dingy. They have improved the menu, the staff are better, and we had a nice time sitting in the cafe section. We had coffee and a toasted sandwich each, and both agree it's much improved. Next time we'll stop for lunch.

28 Apr 2010

The place looks Unreal, good job with the reno's. Food was amazing and plenty of taste. Washed down with a nice cool beer Mmmm yum. The service was a little shabby though, no smile from the girl serving me my dinner but maybe she was just having a off day as we all do. Anyway I defiantly will be back.

Approximate cost: $14.00

marilynnd 07 Jul 2012 · 90% Trust

Thanks for the review. Will have to try

07 Jan 2010

Fantastic place, great work in doing the place up. Great food, fantastic chef but still keeps that good old pub charm. Good value and fairly quiet, we could all still hear each other at the table. We will surely be back!

Approximate cost: $20

11 Nov 2009

Great dining experience, very clean and nicely presented hotel. The service is wonderful and I would recommend that everyone pop in for a bite to eat. The staff are kind and are truly interested in what feedback you may have.

10 Nov 2009

We could not believe how they have cleaned up the Petrie tavern
The chef-
O.M.G ---WOW he is out of this world,
If you go you must ask for his famous Creamy Garlic Sauce on your steak
(the sauce they usually put over the prawns) . We are all hooked on it

Cheap meals- the prices are cheaper than all the other clubs around and they have specials on the bottom of the menu page- $12.95 for a 250gm rump with chips and salad on Tuesday and $14.50 any day yum yum

The chef even watches to make sure you enjoy your meal
-A Chef that really cares!

The Service -wonderful happy staff, when you finish your meal , they always ask how the meal was and remove dishes straight away AAAA++++

Highly recommend and with your Iga shopper docket your second meal is only $5.00

100% yum

Approximate cost: $12.95

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