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2 reviews about R Tambree & Associates

12 Apr 2014

I visited this business with an elderly friend to help her complete an outstanding tax return. We asked to speak to the owner, whom she had previously dealt with, but was told the business had changed hands a few years ago. The tax agent who we sat down with seemed flustered and distracted. His overall professionalism was lacking but he did have access to the tax portal so after an hour the return was done. Overall the service was OK but there was no WOW.

Approximate cost: $90 (individual return)

22 Oct 2009

After being recommended to visit Rob from a friend who also has a car allowance and similar business expenses, we made an appointment which was after hours (to which no additional fees were charged), my husband and I were very suprised to see this business has been here for over 35 years and were more than happy with Rob's extensive accounting knowlegdge and advise.

I would highly recommend anyone with a complicated tax return to visit this practise, it was definatley worth it for us.

Approximate cost: $90 per tax return (personal)

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