Red Shed Cafe

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4 reviews about Red Shed Cafe

17 Mar 2011

Modern Australian food prepared showcasing Yarra Valley produce. The decor is modern but lots of glass and great views. I really like the communal table and wood heater The menu is excellent with an all-day breakfast etc

23 Dec 2010

Great little place for a light lunch. Everything is local produce and its really good. The chicken sandwiches are ridiculously tasty and breakfast is really good. Can get busy and a lot of city tourists are there on weekends.

24 Apr 2010

While you end up waiting ages for your meal, as the kitchen is pretty tiny and the staff aren't the fastest, what you end up with is always yummy! The chicken sandwich with green mayo is a taste sensation worth waiting for. The wine is great and of good quality and the atmosphere is usually friendly and warm. If anything else, it's worth it for the drive and the view.
Plus, it's dog friendly!
If you do drop by, make sure you get a homemade yoyo biscuit for the trip home. They crumble and then melt in your mouth. Buttery, with a hint of lemon--these are the yoyos made in heaven.

06 Jul 2007

Lovely to spend an afternoon lunch or breakfast or just pop in for some wine tasting. The cellar door offers fantastic food and service and a lovely view over the Yarra Valley. Try the chocolate mud cake - small but heavenly!! Nice warm fireplace during winter and I am sure the outdoor deck would be a great place to have a few drinks in summer.

Approximate cost: $10

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