4 reviews about Rich Maha

12 Dec 2014

We went there for our end of year celebration for LOTE. It was a lot of fun hanging out with my mate. I can't say that I was extremely impressed with the service as they got my order wrong and it took them ages to produce my second on, and it wasn't even that good :(

Approximate cost: $0.00

30 Jan 2014

My partner and I went here for dinner and it was one of the best traditional indian food I have ever had before in my life. My partner is from the similar culture and it reminds him back of home. The food is great, great pricing, and the staff are super friendly. Lots of room to dine in and they also provide a take away service. Always happy here.

Approximate cost: $15

04 Oct 2013

I don't usually eat Indian but when a family member brought home some from hear it was amazing have been going regally since great staff, value and most importantly food

23 Feb 2012

A friend told me about this restaurant and I'm glad I checked it out. It is more of a takeaway shop, but there are tables if you want to eat in. A huge selection of eastern dishes, not just Indian, but also Singaporean, Sri Lankan, Malaysian and more. Very good prices and mouth-watering dishes. Seriously.

Approximate cost: $9-12

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