Richard Johnson Anglican School

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26 Jul 2008

Enrolling at RJAS is like joining a big warm friendly family. You are not treated as a number, each child is individual and as such is recognized as just that. The principal knows 99% of the children by name as well as acknowledges adults in the playground in relation to their particular child. Learning is made fun in a Christian environment and nurtured 100%. Gifted or struggling children are given individual attention and there is a wide variety of extra curricular activities. Children learn self-discipline & respect and stand out in the community.

Approximate cost: $4000

emmas7 27 May 2010 · 0% Trust

Well I hope so especially spending 4,000 per term.

Lia11011 30 May 2010 · 60% Trust

I am considering enrolling my daughter in this school next year. I read that the fees were around $4000 per YEAR, not per TERM?? Good to hear that it's a good school Thanks...

lizam2 01 Feb 2011 · 0% Trust

The staff are very unfriendly.the imbedding of Christian principles is not as strong.Though it is cheaper,if you are after a goos Christian school,then consier looking for one with strong values

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