14 reviews about Richmond Village Chinese Restaurant

14 Jul 2014

So many people in here all the time, don't know what the fuss is about especially when the food isn't authentic Chinese food. Even they admitted it was for the westerners.
We got the takeaway sweet and sour pork, salt and pepper pork ribs and special fried rice. Surprised their in business still.
We're never going back again.

Approximate cost: $avg

21 Aug 2013

Hubby and I went their a couple of times on the weekend to get some take away for tea. We tried the flaming satay beef (not that hot really), sizzling garlic prawns, sizzling chicken and beef...loved all the sizzling dishes. But it's better to have the sizzling dishes in the restaurant in stead of doing take aways. My favorite take away was the hokkein noodles. It's cheap ($7), filling good for a easy fix.

Approximate cost: $10

24 Jun 2013

Hands down the BEST Chinese restaurant in Adelaide. My Husband and I have been going here for over 14 years, absolutely fantastic, authentic tasting food. Wonderful family owned business, they go that extra mile to remember customer names and certain food requests. Inside dining is quite dated but its still very clean and well presented. I love this place! Do yourself a favour and order some yummy take away for dinner tonight! Also - they do GREAT lunch specials for $7.90 between the hours of 11.30am and 2.30pm.

Approximate cost: $13.50

27 May 2012

I found this place when I moved in kurralta park. Reasonable price and fast service. The staff was very nice and friendly.

Approximate cost: $12

27 May 2012

Chinese food that you can eat in or take away. It has been a few years since i have eaten in but we get take away often. Good suburban Chinese but it can vary in quality from night to night (maybe depends who is in the kitchen that night?). Decor getting a bit old but reasonable take away for those nights you don't want to cook.

08 Sep 2011

come here with the family for every special occasion. food is always cheap. plently left over for lunches the next day! people are very friendly. one of the best chinese restaurants in south australia!!

Approximate cost: $12

01 Sep 2011

This business is very friendly and very busy at times. This only shows how good the food is. The staff are efficient and quick to answer the phone. The decor is something they need to work on but overall very good.

Approximate cost: $10.00

11 Jan 2011

Great basic chinese that used fresh ingredients. Decor very '70s but service is always excellent with helpful staff

Approximate cost: $12

27 Nov 2010

Delicious take away food at great prices. I don't like to eat take away very often but when I really don't want to cook this food is always a treat.

15 Jun 2010

The service is great for dine in or take away. The drinks are cheap and the kids love the food. All round winner for the whole family!

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