6 reviews about Rock Salt Bar & Restaurant

08 Dec 2015

Great atmosphere here, good prices. I generally get steak most places I eat. However was feeling pasta this one night. Glad I ordered the pasta, it was the best pasta I have tried in a long while. Would definitely go back here when in the area again.

16 Nov 2015

Came here quite a it when we were working up here. It's not a bad place. They do great steaks

30 Oct 2015

When I used to work up in Gladstone used to eat here all the time. Very affordable and food was great

#3 in Redbank QLD
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04 Jan 2015

I was a little disappointing with my dineing experiance here the staff were very neutral and more interested in talking with each other than offering good service, the food was not great by any means i found it boring and not as much flavour as expected, at $36 per main i expected better.

04 Apr 2013

it`s probably the coziest restaurant in gladstone! although their food is really tasty and finely presented, it`s a bit overprized (the starters should most definetely cost less!). their coffee is the best in town! they could bring some slight changes to their menu though more often (esp. the dining menu), for as a frequent customer now i start finding it a bit borring :/ but the latte and gnnochi taste always fabulously!

Approximate cost: $ 35

29 May 2012

Rock Salt Bar & Restaurant is a wonderful restaurant with a broad range of food selections to fit everyone's taste buds. The staff at the restaurant are only to happy to help out with food selections and drink selections. Been to the restaurant with family, work colleagues and friends and each time we have all enjoyed ourselves and spent hours eatting and talking.

Approximate cost: $200

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