7 reviews about Samie's Girl Seafood

25 Jan 2016

Great new premises. Very clean, cool and fresh shop. Friendly staff but most of all fresh, delicious affordable seafood.

27 Jan 2012

Great fresh seafood. Sometimes staff can be a bit rude but generally ok.
Seem to be quite knowledgeable about seafood too

05 Jan 2012

This seafood specialist is an icon of Brisbane and despite a few struggles several years ago they have remained open and always provide the very best seafood in the city. The staff have a real passion for their business and have a vested interest in turtle conservation. If you are after a particular item that you cant see on display they will order it in where possible, another great service bonus.

14 Aug 2010

The range of seafood is fantastic and everything is super fresh. We have tried a range of oysters and several different types of fish and the quality is great. It's always busy which is a good sign. They also have a loyalty card deal

28 Nov 2009

Have been a regular customer at the original Sams Seafood since the early 80s and was so very pleased when they were able to keep the business going despite financial problems and now our shares are back on the exchange. The owner is truly passionate about his shop and dedicated to bringing the very best to his customers.

Approximate cost: $30

30 Apr 2009

My family go to here every Easter and Xmas and line up at 5am to get our seafood. Its in abundance, theres everything you could imagine and its the freshest around. Sometimes they have good deals but really you just go here for the quality.

16 Jun 2008

I found this seafood market after returning from a trip to Bundaberg where I enjoyed the best inexpensive fresh seafood I've ever had. Samie's Girl is a more expensive than that Bundy fish market but it's fresh and top quality. Don't buy seafood in a supermarket ever again!

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