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27 reviews about Seymour Street Medical & Dental Centre

24 Feb 2017

I have been going to Seymour St for several years. If I just need a script filled or it's something minor, I will see anyone & in that case you are usually seen very quickly, especially early in the day.
After school & after work, the wait can be lengthy.
I have a chronic condition & when that needs treatment I see Dr Naumoski. She is very caring & attentive.
I have also been for scans- not so great, they are a bit grumpy. Didn't find the physio very helpful, [redacted clinical content] Gastroenterologist that comes once a week was really good, but did tests at a Private Hospital which was expensive.

Approximate cost: $0

06 Mar 2016

I can not speak highly enough of Dr Hammond. You will find the majority of people come to see him. I have a very long history of medical issues (chronic fatigue, etc) and he was the first doctor that has actually listened. On an unrelated note he discovered my congenital heart condition. I have since had over 20 ECG's all of which the doctor says "wow that looks unusual!" but Dr H was the first one to actually know what it was. He is kind, investigative and above all honest when he knows you need to seek help from a specialist. I do not recommend the doctors that see patients every 5 seconds, in and out as they have no interest in assisting, they just give scripts or tell you have the flu, etc. In the past they have had rude receptionists, which have now been asked to move on. For female issues I also highly recommend Dr Reid, she is straight to the point but is very experienced. You may have to wait but to be honest I think it's worth it. I have fainted, collapsed in pain, cried, etc over the years and have always been treated with the upmost respect, which means a lot to a person that went undiagnosed for 10 years. For a bulk billing practice I think those in the Ringwood area should consider themselves very fortunate!

Approximate cost: $0

16 May 2013

having come from another area with a big 24 hour bulk billing medical centre, i was looking for another of the same when i moved to the Ringwood area. I came across the Seymour St Medical Centre from a google search, and tried it out. They bulk bill, the reception staff are courteous, and there is a large waiting area with plenty of seats around. There are a lot of consulting rooms and many different doctors to choose from. There is also a dental section, and a pharmacy located inside the centre, first thing on the left as you walk in the main door. The location is quite good, with Seymour St running parallel to Maroondah highway in the middle of Ringwood. I have seen many doctors there and they're all reasonably good.

sandrar6 17 May 2013 · 100% Trust

Might have to try out this Dental section at Ringwood thanks.

30 Oct 2012

The doctor spent 10 minutes telling me how sad she was that an old lady had fainted in the doorway last night. She kept going on about it. Then she said she couldn't read my xrays (my foot may have been broken) and said come back tomorrow. She charged me for nothing!

21 May 2012

I have been here a few times, all but one were fantastic. You don't make an appointment so sometimes the wait can be quite long. One time, different to my other experiences there, the wait was over an hour long. It wasn't critical I see a doctor that night so I just decided to go the next day. I had been first thing in the morning when they open and around 9am and both times I have not had to wait long at all. Usually shorter than my normal doctors where I make an appointment. All doctors I've seen has been fantastic, all were very clear and fluent english speakers and I always felt confident with their diagnosis as they listen!

13 Mar 2012

I have been to this medical centre a few times. The last doctor i saw (unsure of his name) was unhelpful and felt like he didn't listen. for the last 20years i have been under specialist care for this specific chronic disease. this made me very frustrated.
i also have major back problems, which has suggested i have surgery 3 years ago, and i had an opinion from a doctor (not a specialist) told me around the same time, i may not walk in 5 years. i received a referral to boxhill hospital specialists. the boxhill specialists did not set an appointment date, as they insisted they hadn't received the faxed referral. (i was told my seymour st medical centre that this is not uncommon from boxhill hospital). it has been a process of backwards and forwards, contacting and chasing people up myself for the last 2-3weeks. finally i got through to seymour st medical centre, where a lady was very impatient with my call. i passed on the message that my referral fax was not received at the other end. she couldn't understand what i was talking about. i slowed down my language and tried to tell her for the second time. it didn't seem to worry her, so i asked if i could be called when the fax was re-sent, as confirmation. she said something along the lines of "i have to find the doctor, then i have to find the file, then i have to find someone to fax it... ..[this] will take the whole day". i was very unimpressed, not knowing my history of my back, or the urgency, and not caring to know any other relevent details. i am under the assumption that i probably wont get a call back, it is not on any list of priorities (for her), in which case i will have to make a personal visit!

i should not have had to follow these various jobs, which people are paid to be kept in. the receptionist should have been more understanding, and familiarised with any possible medical urgency a situation like this might have.
the only thing that is good about this medical centre is the fact that they bulk-bill.
i understand not to use their services again, as my health might be at risk and i'm scared for nothing to be done about my health conditions.

Approximate cost: $bulkbill

25 Jan 2012

I went in on a Wednesday morning at 9 am, was served immediately by a very friendly receptionist. As I went to go take my seat my name was called, in and out within 15 minutes, fantastic service!

13 Dec 2011

I just went their for my first time, as we have moved to Ringwood recently, and I needed somewhere close that I could be walk to. After I read the reviews, I wasnt so sure coming here. I stood inline for 18 min to check in. This wasnt great, as I am in pain standing. I saw the first Dr available, and I was only siting for 2 min, when I was called. That was great. Dr Kempter was pleasant, and I did not feel like I was being rushed as I have been before at the other Bulk Billing place I have been to. It is much better than the other bulk billing place, and I was impressed after reading the negative feedback. I went on a Tuesday at 11am.

09 Dec 2011

The wait times are ridiculous most of the time but that's what you get for a bulk billing clinic I suppose. Some of the doctors are good but some are so so (especially the ones that don't speak English very well)- it's luck of the draw really. The reception staff are some of the worst I have seen with NO customer service skills what so ever. I don't like going here at all and avoid it at all costs but it's free and the hours are convenient. If there was another good alternative in the area I would go there for sure.

30 Aug 2011

Most the Dr's are fantastic, had one really bad one who was rough with my baby wish I remembered his name. Would make sure I didn't get him again. Other Dr's been great. Friendly reception area. Bulk billed. Nice waiting area and chemist inside too. Waiting hasn't been too bad but I ring up first. Also you can go to Eastlands and do your shopping if wait is long.

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