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16 Dec 2014

Great savings on fruit and veg however the meat tends to be more second grade quaity still fresh but I'm fussy with presentation. Shelf items I often find are more imitations of normal brands and are brought in from Bali and Asia rather then Australian brands (what's left of them anyway). However they do still carry a lot of the same as Coles ect but that's when the price get questionable cause if you research the prices there the same if not it can be slightly higher at the spud shed then other supermarkets (not including Iga when it's only on special if it's passed it used by date). All in all if you gave a big family then it can be cheaper (imported shelf items only tend to be cheaper due to been knock off brands) however Fremantle fresh markets on the weekend can take on spud shed for a good run for their money (I tend to go around closing on Sunday) you have the stalls trying to compet with each other fresh huge mangos50cents EACH ripe non brused 3 one kilo bags of fruit $4/$5 and you can get you can still talk them down lower on price. End result spud shed is great...... When everything els is closed

05 Jul 2014

such an amazing place, so cheap and the staff are amazing. its very affordable and we normally do our weekly shopping there and can get twice as much as if you were to go to the local supermarket.

21 Oct 2013

A great selection of quality fresh produce at a cheap price. The fruit and vegetables are divine as well as the meats that are available. The fresh produce stocked is all local produce by local farmers and butchers. The staff are friendly and efficient. You can always grab a bargain here

18 Oct 2013

This place is unreal. The price of fruit and veg is really good and the quality is not bad considering the price you pay. I would highly recommend this place to everyone and anyone that eats fresh food regularly.

Approximate cost: $55

15 Oct 2013

I shop here every week for fresh fruit and vegetables. Their service is amazing and they are very helpful when you are trying to find what you are looking for. My children love going to spud shed and selecting what nutritious fruit and vegetables they will be enjoying that week. None of the produce that we buy ever goes to waste in our household as we find it all delicious.

10 Feb 2013

Like most, I love this place too, Open 24/7, great prices, great produce and they even have boxes for you. I really think the supermarket giants need to take a leaf out of this spudshed as whilst it is busy, you can go anytime, where is doesn't have every type of cat food or A2 milk, it has the most amazing choice of fruit and vege around. We usually by $80 worth of fruit and vege which is heaps (about double at other stores), a chicken and bulk beef and cut it up for for steak. Its Value for money and I love the new cafe attached to the side, its has all sorts of cakes!

28 Nov 2012

I love this place - so cheap, so fresh, so helpful and so friendly. Good parking and boxes available if you don't want to use plastic bags. Open 24 hours as well.

11 Jun 2012

The cheapest veggies ever. carotts 20 cents, apples 1kg for 1$, depending on the time of year seasonal product for almost nothing. Gives me an idea what the supermarkets are overcharging..con:It's quite far out

31 May 2012

I love Spudshed! It is open 24 hours and all their products are cheap. It is very convenient for getting food last minute.

29 May 2012

When it comes to Fruit and Vegetables (these need to be checked for blemishes) a huge range from which to choose. Dairy products, Meat (small quantities or Bulk) ,Frozen Fish and General groceries To get the best Value for your money. Try the spud shed. They have Branches North and South of the River. They are open Seven days a week 24 hours a day.Give your Wallet a break and try the spud Shed.

carolw7 30 May 2012 · 0% Trust

What creative comments you have made here. I must try the one south of the river.

carolw7 02 Jun 2012 · 0% Trust

Sounds a great place to go and especially for those late night trips when you have forgotten something.

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