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21 Sep 2013

I have been wanting to come here for some time now and my friends birthday was coming up so we decided St Katherines would be where we celebrate and enjoy dinner together.

I was expecting it to be more formal than what it was,It was ultra casual, cuttlery in cans,bread in paper bags,chips in paper buckets.
The food and service were both good but we made the mistake of ordering the feed me menu which sounded great at the time but we would have been better off ordering a la carte.
soundouts were the salmon,ancient grain salad,patates,lamb dumplings.

Next time I'll be coming back to try the sticky pork ribs,pork belly on the spit,Slow Roasted Lamb Shoulder,patates with tarama butter,taramosalata dip, kfc,moussaka & some of their delicious desserts.
I'll be back

jodiep6 22 Sep 2013 · 100% Trust

Great review

22 Apr 2013

One of our favourite!

Really simple meals that taste sensational while enjoying A Class service and atmosphere.

It's a very simple concept and menu executed to perfection.

Approximate cost: $30

07 Apr 2013

We just had the most amazing Anniversary lunch at St Kat's. I was a little concerned about booking here after reading the less than stellar reviews however we had an excellent time.

The staff were extremely friendly, the meals were fantastic! My husband wanted to steal the sauces that came with the KFC as they were delicious combined! We had dips which were full of flavour and the wait staff kept offering to bring more bread (not done in other places!)

The food was sublime, wine delicious, service outstanding! Already planning our next visit!

Upon paying our bill the wait staff even presented us with a small dessert with sparkler on it and writing 'Happy Anniversary' in chocolate with sprinkles...

Don't pay any attention to poor reviews...I don't know what their problem is because we had a wonderful time at St Kat's and are already planning a return visit!


MazB35 07 Apr 2013 · 100% Trust

Happy anniversary! Glad to hear you had a lovely lunch! I am intrigued ... you mention "KFC" what is it?

pindi 08 Apr 2013 · 100% Trust

They call it KFC (a little bit cheeky I guess...) which stands for st Katherine's Fried Chicken...just like theirs only heaps better, not greasy and with awesome sauces!

03 Mar 2013

When we arrived they had a quiet table reserved for us but when we asked to move they gave us great seats right by the window, still private but we could see all the people coming and going.
The wait staff really know their stuff, and are able to describe in detail all the intricacies of the menu. We went with the 'Quick Kat', which is the tapas-style sharing meal. Each of the small offerings was plated decoratively or innovatively (the bread for dipping came in a brown paper bag and the white bait was in a cardboard 'Dixie' cup).
The mix of flavours was imaginative but it worked well. We shared a dessert (peanut butter ice cream rolled in baklava crumbs - YUM), which came with a sparkler and special garnish for our anniversary. That was a nice touch.
This restaurant is one of our new favourites for special occasions, but there were a lot of frequent-flyers in there with kids, who must just treat it like 'the local'.
Highly recommended.

17 Jan 2013

Went here with my husband on valentines day.

We were about 15 minutes late due to awful traffic, but we got in and seated in no time. We ordered the 4 course share menu, which was easy as we haven't been here before.

First wave of food was out super quick and was really lovely. Fresh hummus and arancini balls so good they made me jealous (my ones aren't even close!), marinated fetta, fresh olive and herb bread & pide breads. Delicious!

I don't eat lamb, and they were accommodating and gave me my own plate of chicken and quail. We also got given a separate platter of chicken and lamb for my husband who eats anything. There was some perfectly cooked Salmon fillets, a refreshing salad and the highlight for me...this incredible middle eastern rice with carrot and apricot. It was fantastic!

We were starting to feel a bit full at this stage, and then the final wave of food hit us and it was not only well presented to the point you felt bad stuffing up the work of art, but after you got over that, you found it all so tasty you forgot you were full.

We had shot glasses of choc chip chocolate mouse with whiskey jelly. The mouse was topped with a fresh cherry sauce filled round cinnamon donut. So soft and fluffy!

Then the other platter (the work of art) was designed with a honey panacotta, lemon sorbet & what looked and tasted like raspberry sherbert. Fantastic mix for the palette.
The service was swift the whole night, and the staff were pleasant. The only disappointing thing about the night was that we over-stuffed ourselves. Our fault, not the restaurants.

We will certainly be back here, and I will be advising all my foodie friends to try it.

Tigerspike 03 Mar 2013 · 100% Trust

Wow, you must have been to some fantastic places if you only gave them 3 stars for service etc. We couldn't fault them when we went there - they must have had an offering day for you. Otherwise, a great description of a wonderful meal. I enjoyed it with you!

03 Jan 2013

I love St Katherines for an express lunch. It's reasonably priced, and the food quality and service is great. I particularly like sharing meals in the express lunch and having lots of yummy foods to taste. I've enjoyed myself every time I've visited.

Approximate cost: $20

25 Jun 2012

I love St. Kaths for a mid week dinner. The food is quite relaxed and the atmosphere is much the same. We shared a few small plates and dessert. The grilled flat bread was just beautiful and light with a nice smokiness, it went perfectly alongside the grilled haloumi and KFC. We also had the lamb dumpling which I did not really like, it reminded me of tortollini with cold yoghurt sauce. Just not my cup of tea, however my partner loved it. We had two desserts and shared, we had one of the Mr Whippy's with pomegranate brownie and lots of fudge sauce, the toppings were nice but the ice cream it self was a miss for me. The other dessert was the chocolate mousse with raspberry filled donuts, the mousse was extremely rich and the donuts has minimal filling - not very good at all!! Having said all that, I would go back, knowing what not to order next time ::)

horsesandcucumbers 25 Jun 2012 · 100% Trust


11 Jun 2012

I have been here a few times for lunch and will be going again. The food is amazing, the mixture of flavours and quality ingredients are unbelievable. Add great service and attractive decor and you have a great combination for a great restaurant.

13 Apr 2012

Amazing food !! particularly the desserts and corn salad YUM
Service was fantastic and made a birthday dinner very special.

Approximate cost: $25

07 Aug 2011

I have tried all of Geroge Columbari's resturants....this is my fave. The service was magnicificent, just a turn of my head and the waitress was at my side, almost eerie, but good!! The lamb dumplings are EXACTLY the dish my grandma makes...spot on. The dip and home made bread (complete in a brown paper bag), the fantstic turksih sodas the crispy duck spring rolls and the incredible lamb that comes with a pilaf is jsut scrumtious. We had this salad that had pomegranetes, hazelnuts and dehyrated feta and it was mindblowing....... desert was a coffee panacotta with doughts filled with.....umm...i cant remember but it was delicious (ooohhh maybe turksih delight.....???). HIGHLY recommend htis place.....book, do it now!
I have since returned with a large group and tried the banquet - the most expensive of the three options they offer. No dietary allergy or intolerance was too much trouble ( i called in advance) and the food was truly exceptional. we ROLLED out of there with our tummies full and our palates exhausted!!!! The peanut butter parfait was a standout for me, but honestly, it was a totally exquisite night!!!!! will be back again, and again and again!!!

Approximate cost: $30

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