17 reviews about Tasman Market Fresh Meats

18 Jul 2015

Tasman meats are fresh & at great price. they have very good specials. I am regular buyer of Basa fish & chicken. Very clean & hygienic store.

Approximate cost: $100

23 Nov 2012

We have brought our meat here a number of times. The staff are lovely dont mind having a laugh with you. The carpark is a nightmare i have seen a few accidents while going in or out of the store. The meat was nice same with the frozen fresh fish but it has gone down hill. The meat has been all fat and tough to chew even with expensive cuts of meat. The pricing has gone up. I would try again but the car park just turns me off going to this store also not knowing what type of meat you will get as certain days and times we have found the meat to be good but others not so good.

11 Sep 2011

I found the butchers to be knowledgeable and I got what I asked for.... cost was good but on cooking meat was not as tender as it could have been. A few smiles and a cheery greeting might have made me want to go back but really not sure will finish using meat in freezer before deciding

Approximate cost: $170

20 Apr 2010

The ladies at the counter are always nice. The meat is very reasonably priced. Usually cheaper than Cole's or Woolworth's. Used to go when I at meat. But now eating mostly vegetarian and sometimes fish.

22 Feb 2010

Very Good service. Meat is cheap than any other place in western suburb. Normally i visit once or twice in a month to buy bulk meat from them and Meat is fresh. I will go over there again.

27 Jan 2010

Wide variety, all the staffs are friendly except one cashier mixed breed or something, she is very stiff. Always have an uneasy feeling with her, feel like talking to a bulldog you know. They normally have special for mince. Their pork is not "smelly" like the major shopping centre.

10 May 2009

Their meat is always best quality. the chicken is melt in the mouth. Good value for money. They often have super specials so you get even better prices. Also stock king island beef.

05 May 2009

i enjoy buying my meats from this shop,they have a large range of meat, always fresh and are clean, its locally to me, and its been my favourite meat shop for over 3 years,

14 Mar 2009

I thought it was going to be just meat so was so amazed that you could almost do your whole shopping. I got 12 tins of tomatoes for $9.99. There was even cleaning products and pet food. There were chicken pieces for $2.49 a kilo. It was pretty cool - I couldn't stop raving about it. I got legs of lamb for $15 each and tons of stuff for $95.

16 Dec 2008

I've never had a problem with any of the items I've bought here.
As others have said, it's always SO cold inside and the carparking available is terrible, especially on a Saturday. IT also gets very hard to get around the store, especially near the registers.

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