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31 Jan 2015

I came to Dee and her team a bit hesitant as I had tried many other products or ways of curing my acne but all of them ended the same, I was dissappointed, had less money and most of all still had terrible acne. But Dee reassured me and after 4 visits my skin had improved dramatically! And now 6 months on my skin is almost back to perfect just by following Dee's advice and checking in with her every now and then.
I am very grateful and suggest to anyone with skin problems to go see Dee and get the results for yourself!

28 Feb 2018

I don't have very problematic skin but I do like most have a few things I was concerned with and a few pores that could do an extraction. I had my first appointment at the Clear Skin Clinic yesterday and it was an absolute dream. I was comfortable and relaxed the whole time, the girls were absolutely lovely and so honest also. My skin feels amazing today after the steam extraction and facial. Can't wait to go back in 6 weeks.

06 Jul 2017

I have been going to the clear skin clinic in brookvale and my skin has been amazing ever since! The girls there are so professional and friendly especially tess who is amazing. They always give the best advice and I've had skin treatments and laser hair removal and have always been satisfied with the results. Highly recommended

12 Nov 2016

I am 25 and have struggled with hormonal acne on and off for the last 10 years. Not only that but i have ruined my skin from constantly using harsh acne treatments, cleansers/topical treatments and even pills. I discovered the clears skin clinic and have now had 3 steam and squeeze facials and a peel. My skin now looks amazing and is finally getting it's plumpness and elasticity back! My acne is almost all gone (i had everything from blackheads/blind very painful pimples, congestion and scarring.) Not only that but Chloe has given me an amazing skin care routine with the use of gentle and simple products that is helping my skin look my age! I would recommend this clinic to anyone. All the staff are friendly and i always feel so relaxed when having my treatments. I couldn't be happier!

04 Jun 2016

This clinic is under new management from early 2016 & Dee & her helpful staff have sadly gone. I am very disappointed because I've been using this place for 10 years. The treatment I had was awful, the woman put oil straight on my oily skin & recommended lots of different things that I don't believe was in my best interest, she was in & out of the treatment room, taking payments while i was waiting in the room. I feel that this clinic was just after my money, and they don't seem as experienced as the team who ran the clinic for the past 10 years.

Thank you for taking the time to provide this valuable feedback. We are so sorry to hear that you were disappointed with your facial. The oil used was our pre-cleansing oil that helps to emulsify oil sitting on the skin, before we start the cleansing part of the facial and this should have been explained to you. We would like to offer you a complementary facial with another therapist so please call us at your convenience and ask for Coleen. We look forward to hearing from you. The Clear Skin Clinic Team

23 Mar 2016

I've been coming to this clinic for years, their steam and squeeze treatment is simple but effective and the green peel is great too. Prices are very reasonable (see their website) and the ladies give you great advice about your how to look after your skin and what products to use, but they never push you to make any purchases. I've been using their recommended dermalogica and Jane iredale products for years and they have really helped my skin.

25 Nov 2015

Fantastic staff and fantastic service. I am very satisfied with the treatment I got and very affordable too. Highly recommended.

17 Oct 2015

Great beauty clinc really fantastic staff very happy with everything Many thanks really great

27 Sep 2015

I am a young university student who has been suffering from an acne prone chine most of my adolescence, and after 2 of Dee's signature steam and squeezes, my skin has never looked better. After years of being told the pimples on my chin were merely a result of hormonal imbalance, Dee's treatments have almost completely cleared up my chin. The treatment can be a little uncomfortable as every blackhead is cleared, but honestly worth the pain for the amazing results. The treatments are pretty affordable particularly for my student budget, and Dee does not push any products on you, but merely gives you samples from which you can make a judgement on their effectiveness. Definitely a 10/10!!!!

Approximate cost: $100

09 Sep 2015

A close friend referred me to Dee and her fantastic team, and after our first session (steam and squeeze) I had seen more noticeable results than after any other treatment I may have paid $$$ elsewhere. What sets them apart is their ability to fix the problem, not polish over your skin. I'm 4 weeks into my new program and am so thankful to Dee for doing what no one else could, understand and fix my skin!!!

Approximate cost: $120

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