50 reviews about The Fish, Fish & Chippers

22 May 2016

I think it has changed hands recently because the service and quality isn't as good as previously. Still one of the better fish and chip shops around

04 Aug 2015

Not as good as it used to be unfortunately since it changed hands. The grilled fish was fresh though and yum!

annc631 07 Aug 2015 · 100% Trust

Unfortunately not as good quality anymore

13 Mar 2014

Absolutely awesome! The fish is always cooked beautifully, as are the chips and burgers. The salads are also delicious, the quinoa salad is a fantastic, healthier alternative, and super tasty! We literally shop here weekly, the service is impeccable and the staff are lovely. Sure, maybe sometimes you might have to wait 15-20mins on a Friday night, but at least they don't compromise on quality on busy nights. My partner says the Jimmy's burger is the best burger he's had out of America, you should make it a permanent menu option! Most burgers at trendy pubs cost anywhere from $15-$25...and these are soooo much better.

Thanks again guys, keep up the good work....a great local fish and chipper is essential!

Approximate cost: $10-15

11 Jan 2014

Harry is the most hospitable and attentive fish and chipper we have ever met and on top of this the food is always fantastic and with the healthy options does not make you feel bad having fish and chips.. Could eat at this place every day!!!

Approximate cost: $13.00

01 Dec 2013

the fish from here is so yummy was a bit of a wait as the shop was very busy but well worth the wait great tasting fish and chips very friendly service from staff as well and at a very reasonable price would buy from here again for sure when visiting down melbourne way

Approximate cost: $27

babenreviewer 26 Dec 2013 · 100% Trust

haven't had decent fish & chips in a while... this place sounds tempting

27 Nov 2013

This place had a lot of promise. It was absolutely packed with people waiting and the batter turned out to be beautifully crisp. Unfortunately, they did not salt the fish. I believe that if they don't ask you if you want salt then it would be a standard thing to receive it. I was not asked and it was not added. It ruined the fish for me. Aside from that and it would have been good.

20 Nov 2013

the grilled flake here was mouthwatering,so fresh and cooked beautifully it just melted in your mouth,everytime i am in the area i always stop in just for the flake

15 Aug 2013

one of the best fish and chip joints i have ever been to the staff know how to cook the prices were good as well my mouth waters thinking about it I had grilled Barramundi with wedges and sour cream for under $15 all there seafood is cooked in 100% colestrol free oil so a must for all to try

06 Jul 2013

Yummy! Their fish and chips are tasty and make you beg for more. I am a regular fish eater and when I tasted fish here it made my cooking seem petty. I expected the shop to reek of fish when I walked in but to my surprise it did not, instead the was a fragrant scent in the air. There was great value, much variety and they got their food out to me pretty quick. I will definitely be back for more!

19 Feb 2013

Came here for the first time today, and will definately be back. Great tasting fish, good price, actually have potato in their potato cakes which is hard to find. Delicious

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