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43 reviews about The Pets Hotel

09 Jan 2014

My 2 dogs and cat have just spent 10 days staying at the Pet Hotel whilst we were overseas. As my pups are only 1 and never been away from me I was extremely anxious and distressed about leaving them for so long. From the minute I arrived at reception (in floods of tears) I felt happier by the minute that they were in the right place. We loved that we could check in on them via the webcam and watch them playing and enjoying their days. We had contact several times with the staff via email and phone calls and each time were so impressed with the professionalism and kindness they showed us and our fur-babies. They arrived home in the Pet Hotel Limo smiling and calm. We cannot thank everyone at the Pet Hotel enough and we will recommend them to everyone we know....10/10 experience

Approximate cost: $2000.00

28 Sep 2016

The Pets Hotel provided me with peace of mind while I was away and my pet could not come with me. Thank you The Pets Hotel!

28 Sep 2016

My 20 month Aussie bulldog (quite a handful) was understood & well cared for at the Pets Hotel. We'll be back!

27 Sep 2016

They gave our dog a safe , friendly and fun place to stay, although we where a bit apprehensive about how our dog will react the staff where patient, friendly and reassured us it will be OK. as it turned out our dog had a great time there, we were so relieved... definitely loved the live camera, weekend stay all booked., woo hoo

27 Sep 2016

They looked after our little girl like she was on of their own and that meant a lot. Peaches had a wonderful time, came home smiling with a full belly

22 Sep 2016

My dog recently stayed here. She came back happy and healthy. And clean after a wash. They climate controlled rooms which helps a lot specially for the hotter month. But I'd much rather her indoors then outside in a cage in the cold. There rooms have glass so they don't feel trapped in. And play time looks like they have a great time. Plus you can add outside walks and extra attention as an addition. Very happy I found the pets hotel and so is my dog.

20 Sep 2016

This is an excellent venue. Our Shitzu poodle is 11 years old and doesn't like to be away from home. The staff, the duty of care and the customer service is excellent here. I would highly recommend. This is a very professional set up. Well done to management. Catherine Birchall

19 Sep 2016

My darling fur baby was only 6 mths old when we dropped him off. I was so worried as it is so hard to leave them so young. I would highly recommend all that the Pet Hotel can offer. The staff are amazing.....He came home happy and healthy which is all that matters.

17 Aug 2016

The staff are what makes this facility really great. The staff I dealt with seemed to have a genuine love of animals and were keen to learn about my dog's individual preferences.

01 May 2016

Took my dog here for the 1st time. After seeing all the positive reviews, decided to take her in for doggy day care. Lovey caring staff and atmosphere for the dogs. My dog had a great day and interacted with the other furbabys. She came home very tired. Will definitely bring her back here again. Was very happy with everything. Thanks Scott.

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