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49 reviews about The Pets Hotel

09 Jan 2014

My 2 dogs and cat have just spent 10 days staying at the Pet Hotel whilst we were overseas. As my pups are only 1 and never been away from me I was extremely anxious and distressed about leaving them for so long. From the minute I arrived at reception (in floods of tears) I felt happier by the minute that they were in the right place. We loved that we could check in on them via the webcam and watch them playing and enjoying their days. We had contact several times with the staff via email and phone calls and each time were so impressed with the professionalism and kindness they showed us and our fur-babies. They arrived home in the Pet Hotel Limo smiling and calm. We cannot thank everyone at the Pet Hotel enough and we will recommend them to everyone we know....10/10 experience

Approximate cost: $2000.00

15 Jan 2017

I used The Pets Hotel for the first time during the recent holidays and I was very impressed. Staff communication was friendly and helpful. Their efficiency made me feel happy to leave my cat with them for 10 days. Their rates are a little higher than my local cattery but I would not hesitate to use them again.

06 Jan 2017

Our 1 year old puppy had never been away from home before, and our 10 year old daughter was really worried about the prospect. That was until we visited the Pets Hotel and she saw where little Larry would be staying. When she found we could watch him on webcam during playtime, she was totally sold. Consequently both Larry and the family cold enjoy their respective holidays! When we returned, Larry was ecstatic to see us, but it was clear that he had been well treated and had a great time. The Pets Hotel comes highly recommended by us!!

15 Nov 2016

The staff at Pets Hotel were very friendly to me and engaged enthusiastically with my Bella. They answered my questions promptly. The play space at Pets Hotel was light-filled and full of dogs interacting in a happy manner.

The only aspect I was unhappy with was the compulsory $20 bath at the end of Bella's stay. I really believe that the decision to bathe my dog is mine to make. Otherwise, I was very happy with her care.

15 Nov 2016

From start to finish The Pets Hotel was wonderful. I was very worried about leaving my dog Maggie for the first time but The Pets Hotel supported me through my nerves. Fantastic customer service and I could tell Maggie had had a great time while staying there. We will be back!

13 Oct 2016

We have boarded our dog twice in the last 2 months and both time we have collected him with kennel cough, although he was vaccinated.

This has not only a financial impact ($120 for vet and medication plus $120 from the first time), but also a physical deterioration of our puppy who has to go through the kennel cough twice in only 40 days.

Not sure what's going on at Pets hotel but definitely we will not board him again or bring him for daycare anytime in the future, which is a pity because we are pretty sure that Yogi has enjoyed the venue and the staff is very friendly with him, but the health&hygienic conditions/dog health check is a mayor concern after our tangible experience.

The Pets Hotel 14 Oct 2016

Hi there Luca,

As previously stated and discussed with yourself, canine cough is an airborne virus that can be contracted anywhere and anytime. Yogi is vaccinated for a few strains of the virus but not all of them as this is impossible.

Most dogs seem to build up their own immunity along with the vaccinations, and as they get older become resilient to most of the canine cough viruses. When canine cough is in the area The Pets Hotel takes every measure to minimise the spread of the virus, our measures have been endorsed by Veterinarians, a copy of which is attached for your information.

If there was anything more we could do, we would most certainly do it, however just as it is impossible for a school to prevent its students from catching a virus from one another, the same goes for pet hotels and day-care facilities.

Its is a pity that you will not bring Yogi to The Pets Hotel in the future, he will be missed by the other dogs and the staff. We wish you and Yogi Well.

Kindest Regards,

05 Oct 2016

After a tentative start Pepi had six weeks that he obviously loved and came away both well and well cared for. I would recommend The Pets Hotel to any dog owner.

28 Sep 2016

The Pets Hotel provided me with peace of mind while I was away and my pet could not come with me. Thank you The Pets Hotel!

28 Sep 2016

My 20 month Aussie bulldog (quite a handful) was understood & well cared for at the Pets Hotel. We'll be back!

27 Sep 2016

They gave our dog a safe , friendly and fun place to stay, although we where a bit apprehensive about how our dog will react the staff where patient, friendly and reassured us it will be OK. as it turned out our dog had a great time there, we were so relieved... definitely loved the live camera, weekend stay all booked., woo hoo

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