4 reviews about The Shearing Shed

17 Jun 2012

being a transgender person and at the time new to beenleigh ,this was the first hairdresser i went to and yeah i will go back they are fantastic, they girls hadnt met a trans person so it was a learning experience for us both

12 Apr 2012

The best hairdresser. She done my hair and make up I felt so beautiful that night lovely girls. Go see tracey really good stylist and knew exactly what I wanted. Lisa is great too.

Approximate cost: $100

22 Sep 2011

Cut is not always great depending on who you get, but I don't expect anything spectacular for the price. I've always found the girls to be friendly enough & have never encountered any unpleasantness or disrespect

Approximate cost: $16

04 Apr 2011

Worst hairdresser I have ever been to. She just bought the franchise. For unknown reasons I have had a hard time with the hair salons in this gentrifying growth district. I have a good male hairdresser in the district now but I had to search for seven years. I found them to be often uneducated/unfeeling and insulting to people with difficult non-white or mixed race hair. At this salon I was insulted to such an extent I nearly had a dizzy spell. Two women, the owner and an employee, just ploughed me with harsh and illogical heavy handed stuff. They insisted that there was no way to cover grey at all ... something everyone can do. They couldn't understand the simplest request and kept repeating the same confusing questions like "So do you want a base colour all over at first, or at the same time as the foils?" They didn't want to do it properly and rinse properly--very common. They ended this ordeal by telling me to leave immediately because they hadn't booked in enough time anyway. No apology. No service at all. They flatly refused a refund for a previous hair straightening service--Brazilian--which didn't work on my difficult hair--VERY costly--new products often are rip offs. When I called back I said I wanted to take legal action. The manager was unphased. The slogan on the door is: "Enter at your own risk." This is a totally 100% true account--gasp. Savings have no purpose then.

Approximate cost: $Cheaper but NO VALUE AT ALL!

heatherc12 12 May 2011 · 50% Trust

I have used this hairdresser a few times, and have had no problem. That being said, I do not have specific needs for my hair. But I found the staff pleasant.

stephaniei1 02 Jul 2011 · 50% Trust

I have been to this salon dozens of times and always found the service and expertise of the staff excellent!
All of the girls have coloured my hair at some stage and they have all done a good job,I have always been more then happy.
The staff are far from rude and there prices are also excellent.

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