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25 Apr 2017

My first and last visit to Udaya

Before visiting Udaya I called up the store yesterday to confirm if they provide free home delivery service. The only criteria they they mentioned was the minimum purchase of 100 dollars.

Today I was shopping happily but when i reached the counter I found out that the information that was provided to me over the phone was completely different to my experience.

Following are the criteria's that the lady supervisor mentioned:

I have to pay 5$ extra for home delivery irrespective of my over 100$ purchase.
They do not deliver frozen and vegetables.
They are very busy and cannot guarantee the delivery.

The above information was delivered to me rudely that i felt humiliated and in front of so many customers. I left the stores without buying any of the 100$ worth items from the trolley and I forgot to collect my $2 return from the trolley.

From training staff in customer service skills to improvising and documenting store policies, Udaya Supermarkets has a lot to learn from the giants Coles and Woolworths and also from the smaller Indian stores.

Adious Udaya, but can i come to collect my $2?

03 Nov 2016

Very bad customer service, I shopped flower and by mistake Ittold her that its 10 kg instead 5 kg, they changed me for 10 kg, later when I checked at home I realized it is 5 kg. I called them few times but no one answering properly and stated its a business account and they cant refund. blamed me for the mistake. Also at shop no one help for the product when you ask. Girls working there need heaps more training for customer service. I will never go there again nor recommend anyone.

25 Mar 2016

Zero customer service. Just got back from this store. One particular staff lady was so rude. We wanted a pressure cooker she came to us and said rudely 'don't touch our extra stock'. Me and my husband avoided her and went to next isle. At the time of billing, other staff member was checking that all components of the cooker are inside the box and is good to go. This lady went to him again and murmured something pointing at us. I felt insulted.

I asked for the feedback form from other staff and this lady followed us and said haughtily 'there no feedback form here and I am least bothered about your feedback'

This is my first and last visit to Udaya.

Approximate cost: $100

22 Jul 2015

Massive store In Australia I would rather say. Best Prices & best quality. Very clean, & tidy store.

Approximate cost: $100

18 Mar 2015

Its common to have a bad experience once or maybe twice from a brand and it is inevitable. Companies do put efforts to rectify errors from experience and feedback. but i don't think that's the case with Udaya Spice. i used to e a customer since 1 year and the only reason why i stick so long with them irrespective of my bad experiences is just because it is the only closest Indian shop from my house and now i am forced to change my decision. poor quality, expired products, miss leading price tags and bad service is a regular experience.

best advice i can give, 1)follow basic ethics. 2)appoint sensible staffs. 3)Please don't try selling expired products including vegetables. 4) please don't miss lead customers with wrong Price tags. 5) Maintain cleanliness.

Thank You

13 Dec 2013

Its a good place to buy groceries as they have all stuff under one roof. However, in my experience the items that are of Uday brand itself are of poor quality. I bought one moong daal packet and it had pests in it. I had to throw the packet. I could not go back to show the owner what I had been sold as I live a bit far from wentworthville. After that I made it a point to buy any brand but Uday brand.

Its great in terms of the range of items you can get.

29 Jul 2012

Very friendly service, amazingly large, everything is available .... Just name it and you will find it

27 Jun 2012

This shop is HUGE, and has a wide range of products, ranging from groceries to personal hygenie products.The staff are friendly, but during busy hours such as the weekend, the shop gets quite overcroweded and the staff may be in scarce supply! The prices of the goods are quite cheap, and are good quality for the price offered.

29 Mar 2012

The store has variety of products but on weekends its too crowdy..staff is very friendly ..so I'll reckon going this store for Indian foods on weekdays

15 Sep 2011

I love to go to this supermarket as it is the best place to buy Indian and SriLankan groceries with best value products. I would recommend this as it has wide range of brands to choose from.

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