5 reviews about Wangi Take Away

01 Sep 2013

great friendly service, the best takeaway food, shop is always clean.
overall a great experience each time i go here.
highly recommend this place to anyone.

27 Aug 2013

nice clean shop which almost everything at a reasonable price . very clean oil you can tell by looking and tasting the chips . the cocktail fish is to do die for same as their scallops the day i went there service was a little bit slow but it was busy

Approximate cost: $15.00

19 May 2012

New Owners.
Great Burgers, Potato Scallops & Pluto Pups. Not sure about the fish as I don't eat seafood. Chips are pretty good. Clean oil.

15 Nov 2008

great friendly service, the best price take away i've had in along time nice clean shop, i would definatly be a returning customer, and be bringing all my friends along with me.

08 Jun 2008

take away fish chips and hamburgers bbq chickens all good freshly cooked clean fast service love the hamburgers a good amount of lollies for the kids and cold drinks

Approximate cost: $5.00

lyndalm 04 May 2009 · 50% Trust

absolutely true
very affordable
great range of foods including lots of lollies
great customer service very family friendly!

critcc 25 Nov 2010 · 0% Trust

pitty the new owners have down graded the lollies etc. Not as bright & full as the previous owners, but still very good service & quality food as far as fast take away goes

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