16 reviews about Willis Cakes & Bread

09 Sep 2013

I have been going here for the last 12 years for all of my kids birthday cakes and you can not get any better the quality is great, the service is wonderful the value is excellent and overall the best in town....

23 May 2013

Went here a few weeks ago to buy a cake for my brother for his birthday. Not only was it a great price but a lovely cake, everyone (even me a non cake eater) loved it. It was very competitive as elsewhere it was around 30 dollars for the same cake!

Approximate cost: $14

28 Feb 2013

Willis' have been a trusted bakery in Campbelltown for over fifty years. I have been eating their pies and sausage rolls since I was a toddler and I have never had a bad meal once, and I am now approaching 50. I recommend them to anyone over any pie store in the world.

Approximate cost: $3

07 Aug 2012

Just one of those cult-hit stores. Everyone who has been once, has turned into a regular visitor - I am no exception. Excellent service with a smile, good prices, and AMAZING food.

29 Jul 2012

I have bought a cake there at least once a year for the last 21 years and have never been disappointed! They are so friendly, and always do their best to get you exactly what you want. They are reasonably priced also. Love :)

20 Jul 2012

This is an instition. I stoped every time I went south to get the dozen fresh rolls and the egg custard tart and the MILFA custard slice. Not an option but a MUST. This is not your french patisserie but go there sat morning and every dog and cat that has to spend a day on the field with the child or grandchild will tell you that this place rocks for the bread pies and the odd sweet addiction. Old fashioned quick eye contact service and people who know if you are local or not and still give you a smile. The generations have passed hands but I think this place will serve its community in honest authentic ozzie style for years to come

lorrainel3 21 Jul 2012 · 100% Trust

i buy here too but during the week.There is often a shop full of customers especially at lunchtime waiting to buy their delicious goodies.Lovely old-fashioned service with a smile.

12 Jul 2012

Prices are a little higher than expected, but customer service is amazing and the cakes are incredible

12 Jul 2012

This is the best bakery in the local area. I have always enjoyed everything I have ever brought from them.

17 Jun 2010

excellent service & food. we use there service every year for birthdays. We had our engagement cake as well as our wedding cake done here. My family shopped here even when i was going up as a child great family business.

Approximate cost: $50.00

17 Jun 2010

this is where i turn to when i want a snack i try not to but it's not that easy when it's in front of you. despite of the guilt, the cakes i buy from there are nice

Approximate cost: $5

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