24 reviews about Wilsons Fruit & Vegetables

19 Oct 2016

Fantastic fresh and vibrant produce with fast and friendly customer service.

Perhaps the prices are a little higher than other cut price places but the exceptional quality is worth a few extra dollars as the produce will last longer in the fridge.

Great selection of breads, and other artisan goods.

Approximate cost: $50

03 Jul 2015

Oh my gosh - a girl can spend a fortune here and it's well worth it too. This reminds me a gorgeous euro deli with fresh fruit and veg, meats, deli, gourmet drygoods and cheese - oh the cheeses - they offer a frequent member card too which I've taken up and each time I spend I'm getting closer to a nice reward.

25 Nov 2013

These folks are fantastic! The produce is fresh and bright and the service is great. You are never left waiting - if the servers see anyone waiting they always call for more servers to clear line. They are also cheerful and personable. Can't say enough about this business.

Approximate cost: $70.00

08 Nov 2013

great fresh fruit and veggies sold here a huge range of fresh fruit and veggies also to choose from and always very reasonable prices as well the staff are always very helpful and friendly as well the kids love most the fruit we buy from here as well

Approximate cost: $30

06 Sep 2013

You can always tell fruit and vegies bought from Wilson's as they are the ones that get eaten first in our household. I've tried plenty of other shops in town but the quality is nowhere near that of Wilson's. Customer service is always wonderful, I won't waste my time and money buying elsewhere, it just gets thrown out.

15 Aug 2013

This place has lots of things. The staff are really nice and help out everyone as much as possible. However the prices are really expensive. Coles is opposite there and its much cheaper for an apple. I know Wilsons supports the local community but i'd prefer to get lots more for my dollar elsewhere. I have seen Anzac biscuits in there for $12!

ReecesCheckYaPieces 02 Oct 2013 · 0% Trust

Hi Alexp5, good to see a review from someone with a decent TrustFactor! Reeces

01 Aug 2012

I have been buying my fruit and veg from Wilsons for years. At times a little expensive, but the quality is A1...consistently. The range is great and it's well worth a visit.

15 Sep 2011

I don't do all my shopping there, as it would be a bit pricey on a student budget, but I go there for specific products, such as their evia yoghurt and lebanese bread. Such a nice change to the usual supermarket products!

29 Jul 2011

everytime i shop at wilsons, i find the fruit and vegetables to be not just exceptionally fresh, but also last so much longer, the strawberries in particular are great as you can eat every strawberry in the punnet, and they will keep fresh in the fridge for four to five days.

Approximate cost: $60

04 Jul 2011

They provide an exemplary shopping experience - I wish all grocery shopping was like shopping at Wilsons.

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