9 reviews about Windsor Castle Hotel

08 Sep 2015

food service was excellent was very busy yet the the meals still came out together for our function.Meal size plentiful. Staff were professional in the delivery of all round service. Price on average with any other Pub in the area. That visit was on the 9 July 2015. We will be visiting there again tonight. Congratulations to all the staff at Windsor.

17 Jun 2015

eat here every couple of weeks, love the food, the service and the shop a docket discounts.
have never been disappointed with the food, always good quality and good size

02 Jun 2014

I dined here on the weekend with a large group for a family birthday gathering. I ordered a vegetarian burger meal and a few cappuccinos to drink. My burger came with chips and a side salad, and the burger itself was quite large so overall it was quite a generous sized portion and very filling. I was impressed with this vegie burger as compared to many others which I have ordered at other clubs and pubs, because rather than just using some kind of chick pea or potato based patty with some salad on top, this burger had layers of grilled vegetables like capsicum and eggplant and one of those big flat mushrooms, so it was more gourmet and fresh than your typical vegie burger. My meal was reasonably priced, however many of the people I was dining with where surprised at the prices of their chicken schnitzels and other meat based meals as they found them to be a little expensive. However the Windsor castle has discount vouchers on the back of some shopping dockets and some of us had some vouchers so we managed to get a discount which was good. The coffees were fine but mine tended to be made not quite hot enough for my liking. Overall the service was fair and the food was quite nice.

21 Jan 2014

We were really surprised at how huge this pub is inside. We went as a group of four adults and six children and all our meals came out at once and all lovely and also huge. I could do with smaller portions but that is nothing at all to complain about. Very clean and well organised. The children's meals receive a paddle pop ice cream as well.
The only suggestion I had was to be able to buy beer in a jug as opposed to have to carry drinks for the entire table but again no bigger.
Terrific range on menu and great selection of daily specials that once they run out they remove from the blackboard. Fresh ingredients not the normal frozen slop you receive at some pubs. You can usually get shop a dockets plus they feature in the entertainment book.....yay.

Approximate cost: $18

07 Dec 2013

Great place to eat. Fast service, good quality food, plenty of seating available. All the boxes ticked. Consistently had shopadockets available. Price has always therefore being great.

Approximate cost: $15 - 35

08 Mar 2012

Great service by staff, Lasagna came out a little cold but I enjoyed it. Drinks were made prefect (cocktails) and was a happy environment to dine at

Approximate cost: $15

27 Oct 2009

Dined in this hotel for lunch with my husband yesterday and was not overly impressed. The meals are ok but not anything to get excited about. I was glad I had a voucher so I did not have to pay full price for the second meal. The staff are great and friendly. Our meal was not hot and we had to wait a while for it. Our experience was not great but I have known others who have liked this hotel and recommend it.

Approximate cost: $18

07 Sep 2009

The value is reasonably good if you have a shop a docket and the food itself is quite nice. It is great to dine in a pub that doesnt have the remnant smells of past days when smoking was permitted inside. I would go again.

Approximate cost: $22.00

28 Apr 2009

I have been going here for over 20 years, the extended the pub and well the food went down by 70% in size, I would have the old pub any day, its really gone down hill to the point I handed in my membership because the food was so tiny like food art and it was expensive for a pub meal. I hope one of their managers read this and contact me as I will certainly tell them what I think. I have been there about a 20 times since the renovations and every time it gets worse. I NOW GO TO THE HUNTER RIVER HOTEL AND ITS JUST GREAT, AND IM ALWAYS FULL AND HAVE TO LEAVE SOME ON THE PLATE.....

Approximate cost: $22.00

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