4 reviews about Woolworths

31 Oct 2010

This store is a handy location for us as we have to leave the general area for shopping. The quality is quite good but as can be expected where shopping is a convenience the prices are slightly higher than at other stores in the area. The service is always friendly and we do our small emergency shopping here which is very convenient. Our weekly shopping however, we take to a large shopping complex such as Kawana

18 Jun 2010

This store is probably no different from other Woolworths stores where the fruit and vegetables as well as the bread is always much more expensive than what can be found at the greengrocers.

12 May 2010

I purchase my groceries regularly at this store because I find it to be very well presented and the products to be of good quality, The main reason I prefer this Woolworths store to others in the area, is the staff who are very efficient and best of all friendly.

17 Dec 2008

Easy to get in and out of. Easy to park. Always fresh fruit. People on checkout are always friendly. Store is always neat and tidy. It is always easy to pay - never big lines at the checkouts.

Approximate cost: $20

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