4 reviews about Yoda

13 Nov 2014

Huge raps to you and Yoda!
I went there last Friday night with a group of friends. All six of us got different things incl. dumplings, salmon, shred away beef, green curry, S&P squid (obviously not correctly named). Everyone said there meal was amazing – not just a good meal – but that they were blown away with how good the food was!

Also, my best mate has been to the restaurant numerous times and he believes that a great deal of credit should go to Juliette, one of the wait staff. He said her attitude towards every guest is infectious and she goes above and beyond to make a connection with each guest; she would be a reason people keep coming back.

Approximate cost: $20-25

18 Jul 2013

We had a wonderful family dinner in the very relaxed atmosphere at Yoda. The staff are first class and the woman who owns it goes out of her way. Such great service is a treat. And then there was the food!! Totally delicious. Nothing pretentious or overpriced. Fantastic flavours. Not a huge menu but a well thought out one and all done brilliantly. Hard part is getting a booking. Get in early!!

Approximate cost: $10-15

09 Jul 2013

This food is casual Asian street food at it's best - and a surprise to find it in Avalon! The atmosphere is great and the quality of the food is a surprise for the price. The Hainese Chicken Rice is a kids favorite, and the Thai Beef Salad was also excellent. Really, everything we tried was delicious (ribs, waffles, sticky rice, chicken wings, duck).

Approximate cost: $15

21 Jun 2013

This restaurant opened last week. It actually tags itself as South East Asian Street food. It is delicious and really cheap, especially for the quality of the food, plus BYO so wonderful. We went there on it's second night open and 4 of us had plenty of food that we shared, brought our own drink and it was only $25 each including a tip. The red duck curry is absolutly delicious. We sat at the back of the restaurant where it is a casual setting where you sit on lounge chairs around a coffee table style setting. It was fun and comfortable and most of all the food was delicious. They have 3 deserts on the menu, we shared all three and they were delicious. A mango sticky rice, a chocolate cake and a brule... yummmmm. I then went back last Tuesday to have lunch with another friend and had the vietnamese roll which was also yummy. I also had a cup of coffee with was well made and just as I asked. So far I everytime I go past this place, not matter what time of the morning or night it is packed, so I do suggest you book if you want to be sure of a seat, but they always seam to try and make room for you. The service is very friendly, and the main lady treats you like a friend, like she has known you forever, yet I met her for the first time at the restaurant. Great place and wonderful to have another great restaurant in Avalon.

Approximate cost: $10-$15, unlimited rice for $3

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