4 reviews about Young Caravan Tourist Park

04 Apr 2017

We are a family group aged between 50 & 80 yrs having a reunion. I booked the sites and cabins and the only request I had was that we be placed together, understanding that often cabins and caravan sites are not always able to be next to each other however expected those in cabins to be together and those in caravans to be together. This didn't happen, they spread the 8 caravans/camper trailers over 3 locations around the park, whilst the park isn't huge it wasn't conducive to spending time together. If they were fully booked I could have understood it however there were plenty of suitable sites available next to the majority of our group for all of us which remained unoccupied for the entire time we were there. When they were asked why they couldn't put us all together they said that's how they are booked and they wouldn't change it.

The lights in the camp kitchen which were supposed to stay on until 10pm went off at 8.20pm whilst several people were finishing their dinner and when the owners were made aware of this they said they couldn't do anything about it as it was on a timer located up a pole and would need to be rectified by the local council, so the families had to finish their meal and wash up by torch light.

The lighting in the rotunda where the potbelly stove is located wasn't working when we went in there, however someone managed to get it working, there was a timer located at ceiling height near the light, which was set to off, we were sitting around talking and were aware that it was getting close to 10pm and would need to keep the noise down shortly, although again we were only talking, however on the dot of 10pm the owner walked up and started banging on the side of the building and told us that we had to stop the noise immediately in a very aggressive manner, if we had been making a lot of noise or playing music or similar then we could have understood the attitude but we weren't, he also wanted to know who turned on the light, he said it hadn't worked for quite a while, although as soon as we walked away he jumped up onto the cupboard directly below the light and turned the timer off again, so we knew the light had been intentionally set to off, obviously not wanting to encourage people to use the facilities.

The family members in the cabins were not provided with sufficient bedding for the night time temperatures, a summer sheet and thin blanket was totally inappropriate for the time of year, they froze during the 1st night and wasn't until the next day that they discovered there was an electric blanket however it had been removed from the bed and placed under the mattress so you couldn't see it.

Extremely unhelpful, aggressive and arrogant owners. No one had a pleasant thing to say about them, with 22 people in our group, not one of them would ever return to stay at this park which is a shame as the people of Young township were extremely friendly and welcoming.

Maybe its time for the owners to find another occupation that doesn’t involve interacting with people as they obviously aren’t suited to the customer service industry.

03 Jul 2012

A nice, spacious park. We had an ensuite caravan site. Drive-thru and cement slab. The ensuite was very nice, good size, modern fixtures. Friendly proprietors, guided us to our site, and only $7 more than a regular site. Childrens playground, swimming pool (outdoor, covered for winter). Close to town centre (about 3 blocks), and a very handy Subway right near the entrance, very handy when you arrive and dont feel like preparing anything (like us!).

Approximate cost: $35 per night for 2 with ensuite.

30 Jun 2009

We stayed a couple of times, getting a fairly good price. We have also booked cabins for family to to stay in while they visit, often on very short notice. They have been nothing but accommodating and helpful. Just be sure to remember to bring your own sheets and quilt.

Approximate cost: $80 or so

24 Jun 2009

We stayed in a cabin. They looked in great condition, there was quite a lot of room. Everything was clean, it had most things we needed - although a hand-towel and liquid soap would have been great. Very reasonable prices. Very close to the main street

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