3 reviews about Young Caravan Tourist Park

03 Jul 2012

A nice, spacious park. We had an ensuite caravan site. Drive-thru and cement slab. The ensuite was very nice, good size, modern fixtures. Friendly proprietors, guided us to our site, and only $7 more than a regular site. Childrens playground, swimming pool (outdoor, covered for winter). Close to town centre (about 3 blocks), and a very handy Subway right near the entrance, very handy when you arrive and dont feel like preparing anything (like us!).

Approximate cost: $35 per night for 2 with ensuite.

30 Jun 2009

We stayed a couple of times, getting a fairly good price. We have also booked cabins for family to to stay in while they visit, often on very short notice. They have been nothing but accommodating and helpful. Just be sure to remember to bring your own sheets and quilt.

Approximate cost: $80 or so

24 Jun 2009

We stayed in a cabin. They looked in great condition, there was quite a lot of room. Everything was clean, it had most things we needed - although a hand-towel and liquid soap would have been great. Very reasonable prices. Very close to the main street

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