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04 Aug 2017

WARNING - DO NOT USE THIS CLEANING SERVICE [redacted generalisations]

Absolute Domestics is the worst cleaning company I have ever dealt with.

1. The original price quoted doubled on arrival - $150 more than any other cleaner in Melbourne.

2. I was overcharged from my original quote and verbal agreed price seen on site, yet I get no response from management [redacted names] about this over charge. I have sent many messages requesting this to be rectified yet no response. Very very poor customer service. Do not expect to be able to get hold of anyone if you have any issues.

3. Sub standard work all round, dirt and cobwebs all through the house, jobs incomplete and parts of the house charged for cleaning that were already clean (these parts of the house were cleaned by myself in front of the cleaners). The cleaners also spent the first half hour talking amongst themselves which I was charged for.

5. This is a contracting service, Absolute domestics don't seem to actually own any of the cleaning services. The head office in Sydney is just an advertising front, they then get [redacted names] to book other cleaning company contractors to complete your cleaning job so there is no quality control at all by Absolute, they contract rookie cleaning companies at low rates to bump up their own profits.

6. Worst customer service I have EVER experienced, I have been yelled at and abused by [redacted names]. Everyone just passes the complaint around. [redacted name] at head office in Sydney passed me to [redacted name], [redacted name] then did not want to deal with the complaint so I was then passed to [redacted name] who has the worst customer service skills I have ever encountered. Very rude man.

[redacted generalisations/inflammatory comments]

Absolute Domestics 14 Aug 2017

Dear Nick,

Absolute Domestics is not a scam and our prices and processes are very clear. We have been established since 1993 and are in thousands of homes throughout Australia and New Zealand every day.

As advised over the phone, in person, on our website and via email confirmation, a one off clean costs $165 for the first 3 hours then $40 per hour for each additional hour per cleaner. Your end of lease clean was never quoted as a flat price of $165 and after a walk through with our cleaner prior to start, it was agreed that we would work to your budget of $280 for cleaning and carpet cleaning of the property.

Our cleaning contractors worked in order of your written priority list during the allocated time. The list of what was achieved in this timeframe was also confirmed on the invoice provided at the completion of the service and included your priorities of the bathrooms, floors and kitchen.

At no point did you instruct the cleaner while you were there to ignore the kitchen because you had cleaned it yourself. Further to your complaint that the cleaners did not clean your walls which required a full wash from floor to ceiling rather than spot cleaning, it was agreed that we would send someone back to site at a discounted price of $100 to complete this task. We were unable to meet your demand to send someone out the same day and our first available offer of the following morning was rejected.

Please be aware that threatening to put us all over social media will not result in an automatic refund and the work completed was done in accordance to your budget and priority list.

Regards, Absolute Domestics

13 Jun 2017

It didn't have the cleanest home after the work was completed and needed to go over some rooms with the vacuum cleaner, which defeats the purpose of out sourcing the work. She went above and beyond in some areas, like doing the dishes, which I didn't ask for - however I didn't ask for this as we have a dishwasher and I wanted the focus elsewhere.

I decided to give them another go and change the day but then this was never communicated to the cleaner and she showed up on the wrong day when no one was home to let her in.

More stress than it was worth.

21 Jan 2017

Had a cleaner in for five hours while I was in hospital having a baby hoping to come home to a clean house. Not sure what was actually cleaned. Basic cleaning was not done. My son's shelves weren't dusted, the mirror in my bedroom wasn't cleaned, the toilet wasn't cleaned, the bar stools and cupboards weren't wiped down, the cot wasn't dusted, the floor was remopped that night and underneath the couches wasn't even vacuumed. I could go on and on. I came home and was extremely frustrated and felt let down by this company. I would really be interested in knowing what was done in the five hours someone was here because we paid a lot of money to have a house to clean when we got home. The only thing I could see that was done was frames and appliances were rearranged in the kitchen and living room and soap switched out for hand sanitizer at the sink. When my husband called to complain, he was offered a free clean if we signed up for fortnightly cleans. Why would I sign up for something that was a disaster the first time? Would definitely not recommend or use in the future.

26 Feb 2016

Staff are unpaid for training, work is hard to come by and then they charge you $60 to join which was not mentioned upfront.

lino-capolongo741 29 Aug 2016 · 20% Trust

Hi can I ask you any questions about the job?

20 Jan 2016

I paid an extra hour to include a window clean and they refused to use my windex instead using bicarb soda which left a white paste over me window. They were worse than before they cleaned, he spent an hour and half cleaning them and left not having done half the house either. Worst cleaners ever. Can't even believe they have a job!!

Absolute Domestics 20 Jan 2016

Hi Jenna, we sincerely apologise that you were unhappy with the service we provided. If could call please call us on 1300 364 646 and identify yourself via your mobile number we would love the opportunity to rectify this for you. Kind regards, Absolute Domestics

24 Oct 2015

Back and forth with their rostering team over 3 weeks giving them a variety of options, yet they couldn't find anyone in my area Oakleigh South. Took far too long to come up a blank. I found my own cleaner via yellow pages in my area within a half hour. Unless you are prepared to fit in with their limited availability (seemed like Wednesday during the day the ONLY option) then I wouldn't bother with this company, they don't seem to have the ability to meet reasonable customer needs. You must be prepared to get what you're given when it suits them it seems (this also seems to be the tone and attitude from the staff, including in response to other reviews on this site).

23 Sep 2015

Have used cleaners over the years through various channels, some ok, some terrible. I am with Absolute Domestics now and have been for approx 3 years. I can't fault them. My cleaner Judy has been great, reliable, experienced, friendly and helpful. They offer a relief cleaner when Judy is on holidays or unwell and they call for regular feedback. I highly recommend their service! Oh, they also cover the cleaners insurance so if there is damage in my home we are covered. Very happy.

Approximate cost: $60

04 Jun 2015

Very very rude staff in their call centre. Careless the cleaning quality as didn't want to let me finish my feed back about poor cleaning quality. Lies to me the cleaners who cleaned my house are very experenced, already worked for them at least 6 months, but the cleaner told me she and her husband from Columbia with 2 kids, just arrived Melbourne 2 months!!! When I asked to talk to the manager, I've been told she (Named Cathy) is the manger and didn't want to "help" me anymore. It seems the golden rules to get Absoluedomastic to 'help' you are: 1. Need to tell Carhy how good the job has benn done 2. Let Cathy to cut in your talking any time she wants 3. Acting like a fool to accept Cathy's lie and wrong informations. Then, the Melbourne manager Cathy might want to 'help' you. What a 'great experence'.

23 Apr 2015

I would stongly caution anybody considering using this service. The insurance policy they have only covers the client when the cleaner accepts liablity. You will have to provide proof that the cleaner damaged your property. Do you have surveillance cameras in your home? Will you be watching 100% of the time?
A cleaner damaged my floorboards and they have been extremely unwilling to resolve this issue.

04 Dec 2014

this company has no service standard and the cleaners they employ are lazy, don't turn up & time wasters. They dust around things... Ive seen them mop with 1 hand and then run out of time and Ive only had half the house cleaned...When Ive pointed out that there are still dust bunnies on the floor...the next week they don't show.. Ive had things broken, again the company allows the cleaner to put it back on you, perhaps they were old? Ultimately I am tired of walking on eggshells around the Cleaners from Absolute Domestics, after all They are being paid to clean but they seem to want their ego's stroked..and thanked and thanked and thanked. I am grateful but I would be alot more grateful if I didn't have to clean again after they left with my $150. Seriously.

Approximate cost: $30

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