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27 Nov 2016

I am finally giving up on trying to shop at Active Feet. It's been a painful experience, somewhat due to bad luck but largely, I think, due to poor processes.
-I inadvertently arrived during a sale the first time I visited Active Feet and was abused by a hostile customer who accused me of queue-jumping. There is no system for waiting customers, and there are lots of them. Staff of no help when this happened.
-I then booked online for Heathcote, but due to a glitch in the system, the reminder email told me to go to the Camberwell store. We did, but found it closed due to flooding. The staff kindly served us anyway as we had driven a long way.
-Booked again for Heathmont several months later. Was called and asked to change my appointments to another day for some reason I cannot recall..
-Arrived at appointment with discount vouchers received after running Maroondah Marathon. Told I could only use one on the one day even though five of us participated in the marathon, on the same day!
-Still persisted and ordered some shoes as my size was not in stock. Got the call to pick them up, did so but they are the wrong shoes. The guy in the shop was going to find out where the shoes were and call me, He hasn't called.
It's a great idea, the shoes are great but it's just too hard!

Approximate cost: $150

29 May 2015

Awful, waited which was expected with the sale, but our sales person took a phone call in the middle of dealing with us and looked like she did a sale over the phone. We were just left, watching other sales finish and new people get served while we sat there, UPSET. Really disappointed, perhaps training is lacking, but sales people that became free could have taken over the phone call, perhaps??? We're feeling quite glum and not sure we'd go back. We left without buying!

28 Jul 2011

This shoe shop was recommended by my doctor. I have had leg pain and wear arch supports. the shop is run by podiatrist. To ensure you get the right shoe active feet complete a treadmill video analysis of your run/walk in store free of charge. I hate buying shoes as they never seem to fit properly but the runners I have been fitted with are great and very comfortable with my orthotics. They fit school children as well.

03 Mar 2009

Fantastic. Active Feet offers the best service available in correctly fitting sports footwear. The staff are obviously well experienced and knowledgeable in the areas of footwear, sport, biomechanics and injury treatment.

05 May 2008

This is the best place to buy your sneakers. The shop is owned and run by podiatrists and ensures you get the best shoes for your feet. You walk / run the tredmill and have your feet analysed for the type of shoe required.

03 Mar 2008

This is a great shop to buy your running shoes. They walk or run you on the treadmill to see which shoes are going to suit your feet by the way you walk. so they correct your posture when walking or running. Owned by podiatrists and you know you will get the best care here. Worthwhile visiting if you have problem feet, knees etc!

Approximate cost: $100

17 Sep 2007

Active feet is a shoe shop in Heathmont which supplies running shoes for the elite sportsperson to the average walker. The staff are all trained in podiatry or other sporting fields and offer extensive advice when it comes to selecting your next runners. They use a treadmill to gauge your style and foot mechanics before choosing the correct shoe for you. Properly fitted and time given each customer to ask questions.
I came out with a new pair of runners and enthusiasm to hit the pavement! The shoe variety includes: Asics, Nike, Brooks, Saucony and others, but they are expensive.

Approximate cost: $150 +

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