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28 reviews about Advanced Myotherapy

30 Mar 2016

Bending down to pick up the little ones as frequently as I do, my back was starting to let me know. Coming back for another session was just what the doctor ordered! I felt taller walking out and won't leave it so long between visits this time!

30 Mar 2016

l came in feeling tight and restricted through the upper back and shoulders. I have been working long hours and felt my posture tilting forward through the neck and shoulders. I had cupping and treatment to open up the shoulders again and was shown what stretching to do to reverse my posture imbalances. I feel a lot more comfortable in my body since my visit as a result.

30 Mar 2016

I have been going to Advanced Myotherapy for 8 years and with all of my chronic neck issues, related to the work I do on computers, I understand what causes it to worsen and how to reduce the pain naturally without using drugs. Understanding it has made the world of difference as when it flairs up, I know not only what to do but also where to go.

30 Mar 2016

I was told I wouldn't be able to play footy again but with your treatment and support I kept coming back week after week for best on ground. Go figure!

02 Mar 2016

After over a decade of pain and countless practitioners I finally found Matt at Advanced Myotherapy. In 3 sessions I have learnt so much about what is causing my problems, have been given so many techniques for managing my back problem and my monthly migraine for the first time was only a mild headache and that was only after 3 sessions! I am looking forward to the future which Matt tells me will be migraine and back pain free. Thank you Advanced Myotherapy Angels!!!

26 Feb 2016

The best treatment in Melbourne. After four weeks of a chest infection and sore ribs from constant coughing, the doctor advised there was no more they could do except for me to take the antibiotics. One hour with Matt and I am breathing deeply again and have stopped coughing. Do yourself a favour and experience the magic of this myotherapy clinic!

04 Aug 2015

I severely dislocated my right shoulder in Jan 2013. I'm a painter by trade and play cricket. I'm also right handed. Which left me wondering if i could ever paint properly and for long durations again. Playing cricket was also possibly out of the question. With Matthew Cleary's advice, knowledge and ability to physically help me recover with treatments and him educating me on maintaining my shoulder with corrective exercises etc. I've been able to paint full time and play cricket with no issues at all. Matthew is clearly passionate about helping people sustain a healthy lifestyle which i really admire

04 Aug 2015

I attended Advanced Myotherapy with a left hip issue which had prevented me from running further than 5km for a number of months. After my initial appointment with Murray, my hip immediately felt better and I was able to run with a significantly less amount of discomfort in my left hip and leg. Murray also provided valuable advice on appropriate stretching techniques and how to use a roller at home - all of which has contributed to the improvement in my leg.I have since been back three times and after each visit, my leg has felt better. I feel more confident that I will be able to return to my distance running in the very near future.

04 Aug 2015

No more neck issues after 1 treatment. Just the awareness of the contributing causes and knowledge of how to prevent it has helped significantly! Excellent service & quality treatments.

04 Aug 2015

Matthew at Advanced myotherapy helped me become migraine free! I was having several migraines a month and had to take strong painkillers, leave work abruptly and shut myself in the dark for 24hrs. Matthew found an issue with my neck which was causing the problem. He also taught me to self manage and I now know how to recognise symptoms and care for my health much better! THANKS ADVANCED MYOTHERAPY! :)

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