7 reviews about Aldinga Central Takeaway & Pizza

11 Aug 2013

This is the best takeaway shop in Aldinga Beach, there food is packed with a great taste and they do not skimp on the quantity.
Only bugger is they are not open on Mondays !
Overall a great place !

25 Aug 2012

these guys bust their butts to make sure we get a great meal, good food, sometimes a bit slow, but a busy business often is.

Approximate cost: $30

14 Nov 2010

I visited this business Saturday 13/11/2011 lunch time and ordered some chips and a potato fritter.
This business has changed hands since my last visit.
The prices have increased considerably.
Parts of the shop are clean other parts are filthy as if the staff have a routine and if something is not on the list of things to clean it stays dirty
The business was reasonably busy there were 5 staff behind the counter.

The staff present as if they should be at a motor wrecking business.

I noticed the person on the fryer had half a bag of chips sitting on the bench getting cold he then proceeded to cook another basket full of chips to top up the bag of cold chips that was for me.

Meanwhile the potato fritters had been sitting in the bay marie getting old.

My chips arrived and they were under cooked they were not hot. However they were soggy without a hint of crispness.

I did not enjoy the food.

I suppose a fish and chip shop near the beach were there are no seagulls is not a good sign.

03 Jun 2010

Recently changed hands. Food is great, prices average.The staff are friendly but sometimes the service is a bit slow as they seem very busy. Overall a good takeaway food outlet

03 Mar 2010

since changing ownership this outlet has offered better service and quality we have returned to being regular customers. The pizzas are good but price is too high. The service is ok and the staff are friendly.

19 Jan 2010

this business is under new management now and is still awesome. the $28 chicken pack is well worth the value. sometimes service is abit slow but it is always packed with customers and always has lots of friendly staff.i havent tried thier pizza but i am told its one of the best places to get a good pizza.

22 May 2008

Mike and his staff are really friendly and efficient. we are quite regular customers, and he knows what we are going to order. Lamb yiros pizzas are THE BEST!!!!! once i left my purse at home and he let me pay when i came past next- now that is excellent service. really large serves, cooked perfectly, great quality and he aims to keep prices down, he looks after the battlers and working families. People have offered to buy the business, but he will only sell it to the right people, because he cares about his customers. his staff seem to have fun and enjoy themselves.

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