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13 Jun 2013

I was given Alexander removals phone number from a mate who had used them when she moved house. When I rang them they returned my call in ten minutes, when I spoke to Alexander who gave me a verbal quote of 125.00 per hr for first 2hrs work included 2 men and a truck, then after 2hrs it was meant to be a reduced price per hour. They were efficient friendly I moved from a 2 bedroom hm to a 4 bedroom hm approx 20 mins distance. It took all 3 of them nearly 7 hrs to move all my stuff and they ova charged me by 25.00 extra per hr which costed me nearly 1,000.00 just to move house. Just as we'll I'm not moving for awhile.

Approximate cost: $150.00

13 Oct 2009

We found the removalist service from the yellow pages in Victoria after we needed to take to Canberra some furniture from Mum's place. Their price was very the most reasonable. The staff were courteous and efficient in taking away the furniture in less than the time. They coordinated well with us with the timing of the move and were keeping us informed when the day of the delivery came as they were running late. The owner particularly attended to us and made sure the delivery was accomplished as expected.

30 Jan 2008

We had been stood up by our previous removalists, so we were very pleased to get Alexander in on short notice.

We needed 5 large shelves (all flat-pack and disassembled), a single bed, a queen bed, a desk (disassembled), a dining table (also disassembled), 6 dining chairs, a coffee table, two beanbags, a couch and a fridge moved. This took our last movers about 3 hours all up, including about 40 minutes on the road. In fact, our previous movers also had an extra double bed and a washer and dryer to move.

It took them over an hour to load the truck up, nearly an hour to get from East Brunswick to Prahran at off-peak hour (a trip that I know from experience takes no more than 40 minutes in heavy traffic) and then another hour and a half to unload the truck with my partner's help.

They were competent movers and didn't complain about the fairly narrow stairs at our new apartment (which I had warned them about), but they were a little slow. I didn't mind the service and I was happy to pay them, but I'd hesitate to suggest them with enthusiasm.

UPDATE: We are in the process of putting our furniture back together, and noticed that a few of our dark wood shelves are very badly scratched.

Approximate cost: $100/hour

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