6 reviews about Alpha Video

11 Jul 2014

This is an old skool vid store. Don't expect rows of latest blockbusters they might have two or three of each newbie. But you get lots of anime, foreign, r rated, kids. What this store lacks in lighting and warmth makes up for it with great prices and an unique experience.

Approximate cost: $4.95

29 Jun 2010

This place used to be a lot better than it is right now but it's still a great place to locate VHS and Beta rarities to own. THey don't really make 'em like this anymore!

31 May 2010

Hard to find foreign language, art house, anime, schlock horror, R rated stuff and at best prices around! Have been going for years and I drive all the way over from the NE suburbs. Beat up 'ole warehouse and they sell retro lollies too! What more can u ask for....

29 Jul 2009

This place is quite a find! Its a complete warehouse, the lighting is terrible and it has not been updated for at least 20 years, but the selection is fabulous and the prices are brilliant. Two new releases for less than you pay for one at Blockbuster. Im a definite fan!

Approximate cost: $5

18 Jun 2009

This video shop has all the movies you ever wanted to watch and couldn't find. They have all genres and heaps of the hard to find movies. It's my favourite video shop to go to if I want something slightly more 'alternative'.

29 Apr 2008

Alpha video has an extensive range of videos in a massive warehouse set up. They stock old 80's movies and not just the latest movies like other video stores. The staff are friendly and dont wear awful uniforms or name tags, they play their own music while they work giving the store a comfortable, real feel. If empire records was a video store it would be called Alpha video. They have loads of cheap movie deals for $3.95 you can get an overnight movie and two weekly movies, for $5.95 you can get two overnight movies. They also sell off old stock cheap with dvds going out for just $6.

Approximate cost: $5.95

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