8 reviews about AMC Australian Multiplex Cinemas

31 Dec 2010

really nice modern cinema, staff are friendly and helpful and it is very clean. The prices are same as other places but its a good local place to go.

19 Oct 2010

i have a concession card so its really cheap, its comfy and clean and modern looking always have god customer service and the toilets are clean.

01 Jun 2010

reasonably good prices, the seats are spacious and roomy, with convenient cup holders,very clean but the only negative would be that there is no free parking for cinema users. Movie was good, and staff were always on hand and doing their jobs well

21 Mar 2008

VERY reasonably priced tickets that are cheaper then most!!
the cinema itself are large and very comparable to other large cinemas
would definally recommend as it is much cheaper for families

Approximate cost: $9 approx

31 Oct 2007

Went to the movies on a Sunday as was very surprised that the tickets were only $8.00 - sweet. Then very happy to find how comfortable their cinema is in terms of leg space and seating, with chairs that flex back. Really clean/new facilities, good quality picture and sound, made the experience very enjoyable.

Approximate cost: $8

30 Sep 2007

With the high price of going to the cinemas it is great to see that a independent cinema is doing the right thing for there customers.
AMC is offering a card for the one off price of $20 for a years memmership into there movie club.The card entitles you to almost half price tickets everytime you go to the movies and discounts at the candy bar.

21 Sep 2007

This cinema is a rare one - the prices are actually affordable! The movie club card is great. Very comfy seats with chairs that recline. A great range of films showing for a small cinema. Ample parking in same building. Even better rates for pensioners. You can give them your email address to be notified of forthcoming movies & special offers.

19 Sep 2007

Great cinema! They offer a movie club which actually offers you something! The discount you receive when you join the club makes going to the movies affordable again. They don't throw you out if you want to bring in a coffee from the adjacent cafe, the staff are friendly and the furnishings are great - the chairs even recline slightly for maximum comfort. My favorite thing about AMC is before the movie starts - while you are waiting for the trailers, they put up cute little movie trivia questions which you can answer with your friends.

Approximate cost: $9.00

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