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07 Jan 2019

I've experienced so many issues trying to deal with the ANZ bank. They never return calls as promised, don't do transactions when promised and generally make every last transaction more difficult than it should be. My 94 year old grandmother banked only with ANZ her whole life and they did all her home loans, investments etc. When she was dying of cancer in palliative care in February 2018 they refused to send a representative to the hospital to get her signature so I (her carer and granddaughter) could transfer necessary funds for her care, instead forcing her to go to the bank in person in a wheelchair taking 2 maxicabs. The effort required caused a rapid deterioration in her health and she died 9 days later. I made a huge complaint and did not even get an apology, and had to follow up my complaint multiple times due to a lack of response. ANZ bank are the worst bank ever, go elsewhere!

07 Feb 2013

I am a retail and business customer and I must say that I always get great service. Never have to q or wait. All my banking is in order and couldn't be more pleased. Only suggestion is that the Asian staff members are selected a bit more carefully as some of the communication skills are pretty limited

Approximate cost: $0

22 Jul 2010

My Partner is with this bank, i would have to say there overall service and value is crap! Each time i go in there to deposit money into his account we have to pay a $2.50 fee, to call we get charged, to get a new atm card we have to pay like $25.00..... the service there is also rude, they never smile.

02 Nov 2009

I recently opened up an Everyday account with ANZ. I went to the bank to do the ID check. I had to wait for 30 mins for the service, which is standard I guess for the bank. I sat down and the lady behind the desk start processing and opening the new account for me. I applied online and had my Visa Debit card in my hand. It took her about 15 mins to find my record !! I would have thought it was a simple procedure providing I have the card in my hand. Anyway she told me to call up their card services with the self help telephone to activate the Debit card. I followed the instruction and pressed the button and the person answered the call and "Wrong dept" then put me on hold for like 15 mins. I would think their in-branch telephone would connect straight to the call centre without hassles. Anyway their internet banking was useless. Took a few days to update the transactions. I am now changing to NAB, since now they abolish the account fess and more atms. I also like Westpac, very helpful on the phone.

26 Aug 2009

My husband and I have been banking and have had our mortgage with ANZ bank for around 9 years. During this time we have mostly dealt with the Darwin Branch's in the NT as we relocated from there approx 1 year ago. During our time with them they have been extremely helpful and always reachable to discuss mortgage changes details etc.. in detail. They have always shown us different methods and options when it comes to term deposits, mortgage and savings etc.. but always made us feel they were recommending the best option. Paul Trigwell and Cain Parkin from the Darwin branch were particularly helpful with assisting us during our move to Qld with regard to the selling of our NT property and purchase of QLD property going out of their way to be available to answer any questions we had at any time and assist in the smooth transition for the financial matters.

19 Mar 2009

Friendly service, reliable information provided. I liked the system they have in order to get service rather than just queuing all the time. Not many people in the center at the time.

Approximate cost: $100.00

24 Oct 2008

I used the ANZ online service. It did not take me long to get on and was very user friendly. I paid bills with no problems and it was very quick and easy

22 Oct 2008

i thought that it was very very very very very very very very gooooooood service and i would recommend it to everyone.i carnt wait to tell my friends billy, bob, dylan, jason, mitchell it ws the best experience

26 Aug 2008

I have been with them some 25 years and found them to be good and give me loans whenever I want to buy a new house, car, boat, motorbike or some business opportunity. I will never change banks.

18 Jul 2008

Staffs are very friendly. I feel warm and welcome by them when I first open my account with ANZ but with their fees charges, I have switch from ANZ to HSBC.

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