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5 reviews about Ardour Photography & Video

18 Dec 2008

We employed Ardour as the photographers for our wedding. After signing up and pre-paying for 2 photographers (of which only 1 turned up), and a completed album with all digital images, we learned shortly after our wedding that they had gone bust, but were continuing to trade regarldess.

Long story short, they promised the world, tried to steal our money (paid on credit card so managed to recover some costs) and never delivered our album. Ardour ended up on today tonight and it is alledged the directors skipped the country.

Approximate cost: $3000

15 Nov 2007

We used Ardour for both our Photography and Video for our wedding at the end of December 2005. I'll review the video part here.

After viewing the finished product from friends, we were sold on the video - the production and editing was very high quality. The sales pitch was very glossy and they insisted they have all the money up front.

True to their word, they did show up and took some great video, right throughout the day to the close at the end of the wedding.

It took several months before a preview copy of the DVD came back to us. The video itself was great, well edited and will be a treasured memory.

Unfortunately, there was a technical problem with recording the speeches - really bad echo. They never admitted to this - we just found out by listening/watching it. I luckily have a copy of the audio for the speeches but will have to re-dub the correct sound back over the top.

The slow service and technical problems let down what could have been superb and great value.

Approximate cost: $1500

30 Jul 2007

Having insisted on being paid fully in advance, Ardour photographed my son & daughter-in-law's wedding on 19/May/2007. A story on 'Today Tonight' in late June alerted them to the fact that Ardour had stopped trading. All calls to Ardour have been ignored and my son & daughter-in-law have heard nothing from the Director's of Ardour. Luckily they paid by credit card and look like they will get their money back.

Approximate cost: $3600

12 Jun 2007

Great filming, but they didn't follow instructions when editing

We used these guys for our wedding. They had some really great demos and the sales pitch was compelling, however they didn't live up to expectations. The quality was good, but it took several revisions to end up with a final product that we were happy with (there wasn't enough of the speeches in the edited versions). Despite constant reminders from us, it took more than a year for them to complete.

Approximate cost: $2500

09 Jun 2007

Award winning Wedding video

Ardour filmed our wedding a couple of years ago and did a fantastic job. They won a Wedding Video award with our video and people comment that it was cut like a video clip you would see on Video Hits. Not sure if the same guys are still running it now but they are definately worth a look.

Approximate cost: $0

Paul 27 Jun 2007 · 100% Trust

I think when you had your video done the company was newly formed and eager to please. The service we received (from the original owners) was an utter disgrace. If it does change hands maybe things will improve.

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