12 reviews about Ashburton Greencross Vets

05 Apr 2018

Really unsurprising all the poor reviews of this clinic. After 16 years we just had enough of just constantly been told to give medication rather than understand the root cause of issues. We have a dog who had rounds of meds and no resolution but upon going somewhere else they suggest diet change which fixed everything within 2 weeks... we had suggestions of very expensive procedures and treatments but it was all about up selling and getting more meds sold. This clinic used to be fantastic and now it's just a commercial money making front for a vet

Approximate cost: $300

02 Sep 2017

Wow!, its sad reading the reviews decline over the last ten year. We have been going here for over seventeen years Dr. Matt Miller is a wonderful vet. Very helpful and compassionate. When Matt was on holidays we got Rob. We had a similar issue re blood test after it was being pushed as necessary. Before anti inflamatory drugs could be given. Nothing was found everything was good, Then push was on for an Xray, no mention of the anti inflamatory drugs which was why we had the blood test in the first place.
Since coming under the banner of Greencross things have changed and not for the better. Prices have sky rocketed push for tests before anything can be done and tests never showing anything so more tests required. They have lost some of that compassion too. After over seventeen years we are now looking to go to another vet. Sad really :(

Approximate cost: $321.

12 Jul 2017

Teddy (toy poodle) got gastroenteritis whilst there from the communal water bowl in reception whilst there for a checkup, nearly died, cost me $6,000.00 in emergency vets bills & they didn't give a stuff about Ted's well-being or my costs. Avoid Greencross Ashburton at all costs!!!!!!!! Just in it for the money, no care or concern about the animals!

Mylady 08 Feb 2018 · 100% Trust

Oh no poor dog.

20 Sep 2016

This one star is for the reception, that's as far as you'd go. The worst vet I've ever dealt with. I had to ask if they had done a blood test after going on about it so much, they did it after I mentioned it on collection. They told me nothing was wrong so I questioned and next thing my cat needed surgery. They don't check them in front of you, always out the back. Don't trust they are only after the money. My cat was traumatised by this place. Never again!

11 Aug 2013

l am shocked and astounded at the prices they charged me for puppy school to injections and for any of there services it pays to shop around when it comes to your vet as l saved hundreds of dollars by not going her

Mylady 12 Aug 2013 · 100% Trust

Good honest review

10 Aug 2013

Some vets at the clinic are really good, but there is 1 that has no idea, im not sure how she got her vet qualification, but all the other vets are excellent. I wasnt able to pay the bill at the time either and the vet allowed me to pay it off over a couple of weeks. This vet also has dogs baths if your poochy is on the stinky side. I have been using this vet for a couple of years.

01 Apr 2012

The team at Green Cross have been looking after my pet for as long as I can remember! They are a group of courteous and caring professionals that I strongly recommend to any pet owner looking for the best possible veterinary care.

Approximate cost: $150

07 Feb 2011

Been taking my cats here for over 10 years. Matt, Rob and all the other vets are fantastic, as as the vet nurses. They really go the extra mile and are always helpful and compassionate. I feel like they are my extended family and were so understanding when I had to have my cat put to sleep last year.

Highly recommended!!

16 Jul 2008

I've been taking my golden retriever, Bella, to the team at Ashburton since she was a baby. She's now 8. I've always found them fantastic to deal with. They really do care about the animals they treat. Bella is always excited about a trip to the vet, which is unusual. Matt and Rob always provide feedback that is easily understood and also options for treatment in case cost is an issue. Luckily for me it's not. I can't recommend them enough. You wont regret taking your pet here.

Approximate cost: $Very Reasonable

09 Jan 2008

This is also my regular vet. I have been coming to this clinic for over 10 years and all the staff, from the vets to the nurses, are just fantastic. They really do care for you and your pets and they make a point of getting to know you on a personal level. I'd recommend anyone to this clinic.

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