5 reviews about Ashmore Garden World

04 Oct 2012

This place is great, it gets extremely busy at times and that is where their service starts lacking and the queues become large. Although, when they couldn't help me with their enquiry, they did take my number and call me back the next day with the required information which I found impressive. A great place for plants or gifts and knick knacks and the new gardening information programs are great…

24 Jul 2012

This is the nicest nursery I've been to in a while, they have a good range and the plants are in good condition. Cafe quite expensive and so so food. It seems to be good one time and not so good he next. Usually under staffed too but it is a small business and being it is in a nursery it would hard to predict how busy you may be on any given day.

Approximate cost: $12

22 May 2011

I love shopping here, the plants are all of great quality and if something is not available they do try to get if for you. Otherwise they let you know perhaps it's not there because it's the wrong season or climate. Friendly staff help out with info on plants too. A great range of healthy seedlings too.

19 Feb 2010

The staff are very friendly. I often go to their restaurant which overlooks the nursery. There are a wide variety of meals, all of which are very tasty and of sufficient size. The nursery has a good variety of seedlings, including fruits and vegetables. The gift shop inside is also very well organised and the florist room is amazing!

07 Jun 2008

I shop here because I can rely on the stock having been well grown. I have no "green thumb" and I need every bit of help I can get. So far I have not had any failures with plants purchased here.

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