17 reviews about Asian Haven

22 Oct 2014

I've eaten here a few times... it is not too bad but the food is a little too oily and bland for my taste. Asian Haven reminds me the old-style Chinese restaurants you might find in an Australian country town. The food is not exactly authentic, but it is hearty enough. Last time I was here I ordered the chicken laksa for $10. Other items I noticed on the menu included a seafood pack, a range of fish dishes and a selection of Thai dishes costing from $11 to $15. On Mondays and Tuesdays, I am told, senior card holders get a 20 per cent discount.

03 Oct 2013

Call the Health Inspectors!!! :O
Cochroaches on the floor. The girl who serves us awkwardly squashed then tried to hide one under her foot!!!

I changed my mind!

30 Sep 2013

Soups are nice they have a great 3 choice which is at a great price and you get good servings of food. Just before luch is the best time to go when everything is freshly cooked. For fast Chinese food with a good price Asain Haven is not bad

Approximate cost: $11.00

29 Aug 2013

Not all the staff have great service but sometimes you will get the good ones. I have had food poisoning from there honey chicken so i would not recommend anything that looks like it has been sitting there for a while out of the bain-mare. but if your looking for something cheap try it out and just ask for it to be freshly made.

25 Aug 2013

LOVE the food here i eat here on a regular basis little clean restaurant, friendly staff, close to public transport overall amazingly cheap and yummy food.
Would recommend this restaurant to everyone!!!

20 Aug 2013

These guys have been the best value for a long time, ever since they were orginally at Lakehaven we have always loved their food and was sorry to see them to go Toukley. we now dont have it often due to having to travel further to enjoy the food, but always get some when we are in the Toukley area! Best taste and value, staff friendly and always smiling!

kellyr27 22 Aug 2013 · 100% Trust

i always say i'm going to try something new, but i always get beef and blackbean. it's sooo yummy

20 Aug 2013

Good middle of the road quick and easy asian food. Staff very friendly and I have never had a bad takeaway meal from here. Love their satay and they often throw in some freebies depeending on the sie of your order.

natalie_ax 20 Aug 2013 · 100% Trust

Freebies is pretty generous, sounds like an awesome little eatery

20 Aug 2013

asian haven has the best fried rice.the beef and black bean is nice too. the staff is nice and friendly. the prices are good. always happy to chat

Approximate cost: $25

23 Jan 2013

Very disappointing - went to have Chinese for dinner parked the car and got the kids out only to find out they don't take eftpos. Not good that people wouldn't have eftpos particularly for a Chinese takeaway. Hoping to try them in the future and will have to remember to take cash!

08 Mar 2011

Excellent service, always constantly cooking fresh batches in the background.
If you purchase over a certain amount (think it is $30-40) you get free items.
Customer service is second to none.
Clean environment, no MSG. I've NEVER known anyone to get sick after eating their food.

Approximate cost: $8

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