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22 Jun 2014

Products and value- fantastic!
Service- average!
Unfortunately I believe this store lacks something with regards to a friendly, helpful approach and wouldn't recommend shopping there for your first baby.
By the time the second, or third baby comes along and there aren't as many questions to be answered, I believe this is the place to go. However when I was pregnant with my first bub and went here to buy all of the exciting necessities, not one staff member approached me. My husband and I walked around the cots, change tables and other furniture area for over an hour with no one asking whether we needed a hand. When we eventually waited at the counter to request some help with our questions about prams and car seats, we felt rushed by the staff member- as if we were a hindrance to her.

10 Apr 2013

The first time I went into this store, it was a Saturday and they were busy. However we felt the service to be poor, the two different staff members we flagged down weren't terribly friendly (rude, actually) and so we left, never intending to go back.
I had to go back there a couple of weeks ago seeking an add on for my pram, which I had originally bought at Mothercare. They didn't have it, and said they'd order it in and give me a call within a week. It's been 2 weeks. Not great.
However, eventually a staff member did assist me with the other purchase I wanted to make, so it wasn't a completely wasted trip! Not a fan.

21 Jul 2012

Unlike a lot of businesses that you can walk into and you either become very "lonely" waiting for service or get asked "you right?" (yes I am always right, lol) they ladies that work at the ringwood store have always been lovely, I wish I had got the name of one in particular as she seems to have worked there for a while and is always very knowledgable and tells you honestly what she thinks of a product and it's not neccesarily the most expensive, jut the one she believes in.

04 May 2010

Sometimes they look so rushed, and they don't have the time to spend with you. some of them need more experience staff, In these sort of shopping centres they need to have staff that know the product. There needs to be more organization within the industry, In this store its important as people are having a baby, and its a very special time, they want you to be just as exited!!!!!

Approximate cost: $49.99

30 Jul 2009

We bought our pram and bassinette from here for our baby.
The staff were very helpful with all of our questions and could answer everything we asked of them. They are usually very busy on the weekends, so if you are after some advice, and will require some time perhaps visit them through the week.
They usually have everything available or will get it in for you.

20 Jul 2009

This is an excellent sized store with a wide variety of good quality products. It is a one stop shop! They offer extended laybys and have good offers and sales regularly. There could be more staff though as they are always busy.

18 Mar 2009

I had my first child in 2007 and as a first time mum I needed everything and wanted as much advice as possible. There were 2 ladies who were fabulous. They helped me with everything, knowledge was great and they were honest, more interested in the right car seat (tried he seat in my car to make sure it fit) and the right pram for me too (tried that as well). I layby'd my goodies and took 3 months to pay it off. My purchase was pleasant and a wonderful experience for my husband and myself.
Now, I am pregnant with our second child and I wanted a toddler seat for my pram. I was told by a sales lady ( i asked for the two ladies who helped my previously, one has left and the other was on a day off) that I don't need a toddler seat for my pram. I asked her why and she said my child wouldn't be in the seat for long... she's only going on 2 1/2. Apparently she wont be in it long enough. Well, I'd like to decide on that. She then left us to decide what to do. Another lady came over to help us, we ended up purchasing the seat and the second lady was more helpful. I found out the first lady was a manager so I would have expected better service.
However, I will return to the store. I thought it was great to buy everything there, no need to go anywhere else for furniture. Initially a fantastic experience.

Approximate cost: $2,500

13 Nov 2007

The staff have always been very helpful with advice and demonstrations. I bought cot, change table, bouncer and a number of other things from this store. They often have various items like bunny rugs reduced. I always have a look in here for presents for other babies as i find the prices compare well to other stores for similar products.

02 Nov 2007

Excellent customer service!!! The staff went out of there way to explain and demonstrate products. I will definetly shop here for any baby needs. i brought a highchait, pram, and cot set which have proved to be fantastic and just as described. The store has all the baby needs in one place and great sales.

25 Aug 2007

The prices compare quite well to other baby stores but there are never enough people to help with product advice.

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