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04 Mar 2015

What a great experience! Krys was so beautiful and helpful and made these sessions so enjoyable. She is filled with so much knowledge and this shows through in a very professional yet soft way. I would recommend this course to everyone! What a great way to bond with your baby whilst also giving a great excuse to get out and about for a day, or have someone trustwortby and friendly visit you. I miss our classes. Only critisism is i wish the class length went longer!

Approximate cost: $150

Baby Harmony 05 Mar 2015

Thank you so much for your kind words and I'm glad you and your baby enjoyed the sessions! I'll miss your smiling faces every week, but don't worry I'll keep in touch :-)

12 Nov 2014

Baby Harmony infant massage classes were thoroughly enjoyable. It was a small , relaxed group and a very peaceful atmosphere. Krys was very calm and flexible and always made it clear that the babies needs came first. The discussions were great and I now feel more able to pick up on my baby's cues. It was also interesting to hear experiences from other mums and I enjoyed listening to Krys' stories / experiences of her own children / parenthood. I would highly recommend Baby Harmony Infant massage classes to anyone!

06 Oct 2014

Thank you Krys! The massage course was wonderful. It exceeded my expectations. Each week I looked forward to learning more techniques and our discussions about various aspects of parenting. Both bubs and I thoroughly enjoyed the course and it was a great time to bond with bubs, which has continued at home.
Krys was a fantastic instructor. She was very calming and easy to talk to. I highly recommend this course.

Baby Harmony 06 Oct 2014

Thank you so much for taking the time to write a review! It was a real pleasure having you and bubs in class. I'm so glad you two enjoyed the course and I hope you find it useful for many, many years to come. x

Julia Thurlow
03 Apr 2014

Thank you Krystyna for introducing my son and I to baby massage! We thoroughly enjoyed our Private lessons when he was 3 months old. Our friends gave us a voucher when our little one was born – what a perfect gift for a new mum!
Krystyna made us feel comfortable and was a very patient instructor! I looked forward to our Friday morning sessions – I found that they were not only a great bonding time with my new baby but also a great way to relax myself and forget about all other stresses and pressures.
More than learning the massage techniques, I really enjoyed talking to Krystyna who always had discussion points with each session – like bonding & attachment, crying and even stress relief. As a mother of two sons, Krystyna offered some great real life examples to relate to.
My baby boy is enjoying his massages as he grows and becomes more interested and interactive and I love the special time we have together. I look forward to having our massage experience grow as my son grows! Thanks again Krystyna, I would recommend your class to anyone!

Baby Harmony 05 Mar 2015

Thank you for writing such a detailed review, and I'm sorry it has taken me so long to reply!
I'm glad you enjoyed our session and I hope that William still gets a massage from time to time when he's not too wiggly ;-) When he gets a bit older you can start telling him some stories during massage and have lots of fun with massage again!

14 Dec 2013

My mum gave me a baby massage voucher at my baby shower, and I was very excited to get started. I really enjoyed the massage course. I have learnt so much, and now can massage my baby with confidence. Krys made the classes fun and relaxing. I would recommend these classes to any new mums wanting to learn how to massage their babies.

21 Nov 2012

I contacted Krys by email and she got back to me the same night! We booked in straight away for a 4 week, at-home course as I was keen for my husband to participate. I thought it would give him 'something' to do with our new baby girl, and increase our confidence in handling her as she was prem and just a little thing. We greatly enjoyed the classes, Krys had a lovely relaxed manner which is exactly what you need in those first weeks as new parents. I liked the flexibility of the classes, able to tailor them as we needed. Learning the massage was wonderful and something our daughter is likely to treasure for years to come. This was a wonderful financial investment! Thanks Kyrs for being a part of our early parenting experience.

Approximate cost: $200

11 Aug 2012

Myself and my wife had Krys come out once a week for four weeks to teach us the skills for infant massage, we both learnt so much and would thoroughly recomend this course to any new parents

11 Aug 2012

I called Krys from Baby Harmony because my husband and I wanted to learn about baby massage. Krys came to our house and we got so much out of our 4 lessons - about the massage itself as well as some great conversations about parenting which is a new world for us. Our daughter (now 13 weeks old) really enjoys the massage and we know it has helped her (and us!) relax. I cant speak highly enough of Krys and her course, it was brilliant.

MazB35 11 Aug 2012 · 100% Trust

Thats fantastic! Does this company cover all of melb suburbs?

08 Jun 2012

Having my second child I thought I had it all under control and then my baby was born! After 8 weeks of feeding and settling issues I was really struggling to bond with my baby. I wanted to try the baby massage to prehaps help calm her but also to help bond with her.
Krys was fantastic a great person to vent to as my life seemed to be going crazy and the weekly sessions gave my daughter and I a chance to start to build a bond.
To begin with I felt a little silly massaging my baby when there was so many other things that had to be done like house work but now I feel like its an essential part of family life and I try to fit in a massage whenever I can. Thanks to the hand outs its easy to remember how to do the strokes. I highly recomend Baby Harmony to any mums of a new bub.

Approximate cost: $150

Baby Harmony 21 Jun 2012

Thanks for the lovely feedback! I'm thrilled that learning baby massage has helped you and your little girl bond. Thank you for your contributions to the group discussions in the classes. The group had a great dynamic and your openness really helped the other mums relax. I hope your life has settled down a little and is only a good kind of crazy!
Cheers, Krys

07 Jun 2012

I booked in to do the baby massage course with Baby Harmony when my daughter was 7 weeks old. I loved Krys approach to massage and parenting, she made both myself and my daughter feel extremely comfortable at all times, she created an environment where babies could be babies and were encouraged to express their needs and emotions.

I enjoyed the way she structured the course, focusing on one area each week and keeping the time to a minimum, so the babies did not get over stimulated or tired.

I liked the folder she put together for each of us; I found it easy to follow and enjoyed the articles she sourced on different topics.

Krys was extremely calm and patient, I enjoyed spending time with her and allowing her to teach myself and my daughter about baby massage.

I found the course extremely beneficial, I enjoyed the one on one time I had with my daughter and chance to learn about different bonding techniques.

I will definitely continue to use the knowledge gained from the course and would highly recommend Kyrs. She is a fantastic teacher!! We both enjoyed every minute of the course.

Approximate cost: $150.00

Baby Harmony 08 Jun 2012

Thank you for your amazing review! It was so sweet watching how you and your baby girl were both enjoying your time together. I wish all Melbourne mums could have a connection as beautiful as yours! I hope all our parenting discussions as well as the actual infant massage will be useful to you for many years to come. Keep in touch! Cheers, Krys

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