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08 Nov 2019

At the Perth Pregnancy, Baby and Children's expo in August I spoke with one of the staff, she showed me the iCandy Orange, as I was interested in a pram I could convert to tandem.
She told me they had 2 demo models to sell that weekend, of which she'd already sold one, and if I wanted to purchase today I would be able to pick it up at 4pm on the Sunday. Which is what I did.

It was not ready for collection on the Sunday and the staff member said she would call the next day to confirm when they could deliver it.

By 4pm Monday I had not heard from anyone at Babyroad. I phoned them and spoke with their customer service. She organised for the pram to be delivered Thursday afternoon after 1pm.

At 10:42am on the Thursday, I missed a call and then received a text message from the original sales lady to let me know "I have no room on the truck for your pram today and I don't want it damaged because it's not boxed. I can have it delivered to you tomorrow morning if that suits you". When I phoned her back she said their lovely rep would deliver it the next morning. I wasn't able to be home to which she then offered delivery on the Sunday, a week after it was supposed to be available for collection.
I told her I would now collect the pram that day, the Thursday, as I had already been without a pram for a week. I also asked for a manger to be present. She then informed me SHE is the floor manager.

When I arrived in store I said I was there to see the manager and collect a pram which was no longer being delivered. The manager didn't even have the courtesy to come out and serve me, she let one of the other floor staff do it. I did not receive an apology or any acknowledgement of the errors or inconvenience that was caused by the manager and Babyroad.

I asked the managee 3 times I to have the pram delivered because I live too far away from the store and had already driven 1.5 hour round trip on the Sunday to collect the pram.
Babyroad was a 2 hour round trip for me, with my 7 month old. Which is why I initially did not want to have to go and collect it.
I feel someone should've delivered my pram on the Monday, or at the very least made sure it would be delivered on the Thursday, as it was the manager and Babyroad's error that the pram was not ready for collection at the agreed upon time.

The manager said she did not want it to be damaged on the truck. However when I got there to collect, the pram was in a box. When I questioned why the 2 black hoods were not packaged I was told they would've been boxed but when you didn't want it delivered we would've put them in carry bags. So it was boxed for delivery?

The manager and Babyroad made it quite evident that their customers time, effort and money is obviously far less important than their own. Their solution to the mistakes/errors/whatever they made were for me to have to go out of my way multiple times, for me to spend more money and for them not to be inconvenienced at all and at no expense to themselves for their mistakes.

Their after sales service is terrible and made what should've been an exciting purchase such a disappointing experience. I won't be purchasing anything from this store again.

18 Jan 2013

This is a great baby shop, I made some small purchases here on the weekend. I actually took some items back to a competitor for a refund as I found them cheaper here however in general I find babyroad a bit expensive. That being said they were more than willing to price match competitors. Staff are really nice, the lady had no issues showing us how to put up and down the 3 different portacots and also explained why she thought one was better over the other (and it wasn't the more expensive one!!). I have been to stores where they hate doing this so it was nice to get someone so helpful. They didn't have in stock an item we needed but offered to order it in and give us a call when it arrived, again much better service than other places who told us to check back in a few weeks to see if it had arrived

Approximate cost: $50

07 Apr 2011

I LOVE this shop! They have a great range of good quality baby products from clothes & toys to prams & nursery furniture. There is a large number of complete nursery room displays and the best range of nursery decor I have seen in Perth. The staff are friendly & helpful and the prices are reasonable. Definately worth a visit.

11 Feb 2011

I have been going to this shop on a frequent basis while setting up for my first child. There is always a large number of staff on hand to give you advice. They all have good product knowledge and seem quite happy to spend the time with you even if you are not making the purchase that day. I have purchased my pram and capsule from Baby road and the prices seem competitive with other shops. It is definitely a positive shopping experience each time i go there.

28 Oct 2009

Very pleasant. Was our first time at Babyroad as this was our second child. The staff had terrific product knowledge and the whole shopping experience has been extremely satisfying. We have since purchased several items from their online shop.

18 Aug 2008

Fantastic service, staff where very helpful and knew about the products. They made us feel very comfortable about asking any questions we needed to ask

28 Jul 2008

A fantastic up-market baby shop that has also started doing toys for older kids. They have a huge range of top quality gear. The staff are friendly and helpful, however I am not so sure that the girl who served me actually knew how to use the car seat we were looking at for my son- she was helpful anyway as I knew what we wanted and the features required. They were a bit more expensive than most other places but they seem to stock the better quality products and I am happy to pay more to actually get served by someone who is enthusiastic and cares.

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